5 Practical Reasons Why Business Checks are Still Relevant



You may not use personal checks in daily life but checks still remain relevant for business operations. Mainly because most businesses still choose to pay for goods and services using business checks. The reason for their popularity is because business checks offer a secure and transparent payment method. Making those same payments with cash would result in wasted man hours that would be spent on counting and distributing the cash physically. Here are 5 reasons business checks are not going to be replaced by other payment methods anytime soon.

Much Easier Cash Flow Management

Tracking cash flow is a major challenge for most business owners. That’s because maintaining cash registries is a time consuming affair. Error while manually entering cash payment details can lead to serious accounting issues and hours of wasted time. When issuing computer business checks, tracking the cash flow is automatic. Accounting software packages used to print the computer checks can be used for monitoring the cash flow. Businesses increasingly rely on good quality Quickbook checks to make payments and track their expenses using the Quickbooks accounting software. These accounting software packages keep a tab on all the checks issued and have filter options for quickly finding specific payments.

Businesses Get To Use Post-Dating Feature

Post-dating a payment is an option that’s only available with checks. Businesses can issue checks to vendors and post-date it so that the amount can be cleared at a later date. This gives the vendors a guarantee of payment and it saves the business owners from releasing the fund immediately. There is also another advantage of issuing post-dated checks.  Consider a scenario. A business receives supplies from a vendor but the materials supplied do not match the pre-set quality standards. In this scenario, the business gets the option to stop the post-dated check issued to the vendor and return the shipment.

Eliminates Impulsive and Unnecessary Expenses

Popular payment methods like credit cards and business cards can lead to a lot of impulsive buying. The very ease of these payment methods can turn into a major drawback. Mainly because they can be used to make quick and unnecessary payments. Business checks, on the other hand, go through an accounting software which allows business owners to manage their expenses and eliminate impulsive spending.

Makes Companies Look More Professional

Nothing makes your business look more unprofessional than making purchases with personal checks or cash. Paying for business supplies and materials using personal checks create an impression of an unstable business that lacks confidence. Business checks with company logos and information do the exact opposite. They reinforce confidence and portray a professional image. However, it’s more than just showing off. Most employees and vendors are often willing to do more for a firm they believe is professional and stable.

They Offer Branding Real Estate

Making an impressive statement is very important in the modern corporate world. People pay attention to how your business looks and what it does. Printing the logo of your company on your business checks add to the overall branding effort. In fact, branded business checks make recipients take your business seriously.

When employees and vendors among other stakeholders receive your business checks, they get visual cues that help them remember the brand.

There is no debating the fact that all businesses could benefit from business checking accounts and business checks. Simply open a business checking account and start using business checks to make your business look more professional and manage expenses.