5 Promotion Ideas That Will Delight Your Customers this New Year


Holiday campaigns are a fun way to get your business into the festive spirit. They’re also an excellent opportunity to drum up interest in your brand and attract new customers. Start the year off with a resounding bang by putting together a creative promotion strategy with one of our ideas below:

Themed Deals and Sales

There are few things more irresistible to the average shopper than a sale. Everyone loves the feeling of landing an item they’ve always wanted for a reduced price! While there’s no one to stop you from putting products on sale whenever you want, centering it on a holiday theme puts shoppers in a celebratory mood and lets them know when to expect the next one.

People are still on the lookout for amazing deals even past Christmas, after the gifts and presents have been exchanged. Your business can capitalize on this by having a sale during the period between Christmas and New Year.

Giveaways and Freebies

People can’t resist free stuff. Since it’s the season of giving, there’s no better time to show your customers that you appreciate their patronage and continued business. Distributing giveaways and freebies not only helps your client base feel valued, it can also be used as an opportunity to promote your company. Consider having custom wristbands or lanyards made, or putting your branding on other small but functional items that people use daily, such as pens and stationery. You can then give these away as freebies for every purchase made, for instance, and when your customers use them, it raises awareness for your brand!

Service providers can get in on the holiday giving, too. Apart from branded items, you can furnish your customers with vouchers or loyalty cards that entitle them to specific perks, depending on what your business is. Make sure that the giveaway is relevant to your industry, and make it enticing enough for people to want to work for it.

Charitable Activities

In line with the holidays being a time for sharing, it’s also a good idea to give back not just to your customers but also to the community, especially those who have less and are most in need of a bit of cheer. Get in touch with a local non-profit organization and share the blessings you’ve received over the past year. You can loop your customers into participating in these activities, too. Some examples of this is putting a portion of any sales made over a given period towards a charitable cause, or launching a donation drive where customers can buy certain items or a gift basket from your store. You can then arrange to have the items distributed to those in need as a company.


The holidays are also a time for merrymaking and jollification, and games are a surefire way to put a smile on your customers’ faces. You can hold a daily game or a weekly game, or theme a contest around the 12 days of Christmas or the New Year countdown. You can also hold a raffle and put some big-ticket items up as the grand prizes. Encourage patronage by dispensing raffle tickets for a minimum amount of purchases.


Is there a better excuse for having a party than successfully closing out the decade? Ring in the new year with a celebration unlike any other, and invite your best and most loyal customers to the shindig. If you’re in the food and beverage business, say a restaurant or club owner, you can put together a special menu for the occasion or bring in a famous DJ to spin tunes while everyone waits for the clock to strike at midnight. You can also collaborate with other retailers in the area and put together an epic block party that’s sure to draw customers. Make sure you advertise it well and utilize the power of social media to spread the word!

It’s undeniable that promotions can help you build better relationships with your customer base. Make them worthwhile and creative, and you can be assured of your customers’ continued patronage for the year to come, and beyond.