5 Reasons why you should Work with a Staffing Agency

5 Reasons why you should Work with a Staffing Agency

With over $90 billion in average yearly revenues, the staffing and recruitment agencies employ more than 3 million employees! Such promising numbers mean just one thing – Staffing agencies are indispensable and here to stay! 

The role of any staffing agency in Los Angeles is much more than connecting employers to potential candidates! These agencies or firms help maintain the job market and give an extra edge to companies using their services. 

Why Choose a Staffing Agency?

If you are an SME or just a startup and think hiring an agency is not for you, here are five reasons why you couldn’t be farther away from the truth!

  • Saves You Money. A Lot of It

Hiring is no longer an easy affair. Several companies fight over the limited talent pool of skilled employees. By hiring a staffing agency, you lower your advertising costs, conducting background checks and screening, training, and maintaining a payroll database. Maintaining a floating workforce through staffing agencies is wiser than hiring and laying off people periodically for contractual job roles. 

  • Helps You Hire Faster

Finding a person with exceptional skills and one that fits your company culture can take several months. This translates to an increased workload for your in-house HR and still doesn’t guarantee 10% results. Since staffing agencies work with many recruiters who all do one job – hire, the process is much faster and efficient. A good staffing agency has a huge database of potential candidates and knows how to work around common hurdles in the process. 

  • Gives You a Knowledge Edge

Even the most qualified person may not be the right fit for your job role if they do not match your work culture. When you hire someone in a hurry, it often ends up costing you more in the long run. But staffing agencies have years to experience doing this work and have all the necessary information to hire right! They are more in sync with industry trends and have the right technology support. 

  • Helps you Reach To A Bigger Talent Pool

One of the biggest challenges all companies face today is the limited talent pool of qualified and skilled candidates. Only advertising is not enough to connect with the right set of people. This is where staffing agencies bring the advantage. All good agencies maintain huge databases of potential candidates based on industries and job roles. When a company posts a requirement with them, all they have to do is tap on the talent pool. This helps them hire faster and efficiently. 

  • Gives you Employment Term Flexibility

There are different kinds of job roles based on how long the employment period is. Staffing agencies offer great flexibility in this area. As a company, you have no liability to continue with the employees from a staffing agency if your term is over. 

Summing Up

In today’s world, having a highly-skilled workforce is a major benefit for any company. But with several others competing for the same set of candidates, hiring is trickier than ever. Working with staffing agencies not only brings down costs but also gives an edge over competitors in terms of finding the best employees. Here’s hoping these five points convinced you enough to choose a staffing agency.