5 Side Hustle Ideas you can Start Today


Everyone wants to make extra cash asides the income or wages received in a stipulated time. A side hustle is a like a second job which is accommodating and allows you chase your passion, thereby helping you live your dreams. Side Hustles can be there to earn you money even while sleeping, depending on what you decide to choose. A fulltime job can be good and rewarding, but having a side hustle to bring in some extra income and ultimately freedom is not a bad idea.

We will share some very good and profiting side hustle ideas with you that can get you started, especially if you don’t how or where to begin.

  1. Side Hustle Business in Affiliation with Your Job: Creating a side hustle idea that works in union your job will keep you off worrying about any negative effects on your fulltime work. For instance, you’re an Estate Consultant, starting a side hustle idea of curating art installations is great because they both work perfectly together and a lot of benefits can be derived from it.
  2. Freelance with your skills: Do you have a skill needed by people? This can be offered on freelance websites in exchange for money. These skills could be anything from designing to making short videos, animations or even running small local errands. Designing a wedding invitation or birthday cards occasionally could be perfect for you. Again, depending on your input to the side gigs hustle and the platform chosen, you can make enough money to take care of your bills and relax by way of recreation.
  3. Blogging: This side hustle job can be really great and interesting because it allows you not only work from home, office, and everywhere else in the world. You can construct your blog by having sponsored posts, affiliate links, or a shop where products are sold. You can also write about yourself, the passion that drives you, cars, yoga, business, beauty, fashion, etc. There are countless niches to choose from to make a living on the side. This singular spotlight, enables you share the same like minds with your built audience.

Note: Blogging isn’t like one of those side hustle jobs that brings in immediate cash. But if you can keep on for the first few years without quitting, then there’s a very huge possibility you might start earning enough monthly to leave your 9-5 job and focus on it after those few years. Combining ecommerce and content is a very strong tool to make money from your blog. Adverts and quality content can bring in tons of traffic which you can monetize.

  1. Instagram Influencer: For starters, you must get or have quite a good number of followers on Instagram to be able to become an Influencer. Instagram takeovers, selling products, or sponsored adverts and posts are some things you can set up on your Instagram account.

An average influencer charges between $200-$400 per post, depending on the size of your followers or audience.

Note: Consistency on your type of content, how and when you post them is very key because this will help you make much gain. Reason is your followers (audience) get content from your account and also know when to expect new posts.

  1. Virtual Assistant: A virtual assistant is one who works virtually (in an unrestricted area or location), as opposed to a company’s office. Social media, administration, bookkeeping, customer service, etc. are some of the tasks that can be done by a virtual assistant. This side hustle job is so good and the growing demand from business owners in need of one for different projects cannot be overemphasized.

Some virtual assistants charge as much as $35 per hour, especially if they’re good at the job.

A side hustle, besides helping you make extra cash regularly can also help you to build or develop new skills, a personal brand, and portfolio as you get more freedom. Feel free to pick up any and achieve your goals, as they may be.