5 Types of Businesses (and Customers) That Should Use Mobile Pay


Mobile technology has changed the face of shopping and buying. More than two-thirds of Americans own a smartphone and 15 percent of those use it as their sole method for shopping on the internet, according to Pew Research. Smartphones have replaced cash and credit cards and they can take the place of a cash register for businesses on the move. The following five types of businesses and customers should use mobile pay:


Both businesses and customers like to have the best technology at their fingertips. When the two come together, it is a marriage made on Rodeo Drive. For those who want their credit cards accessable electronically, Samsung’s Galaxy Note5 comes with Samsung Pay built-in. The program lets customers upload their credit card and payment information into the phone so they do not need to carry a wallet or pocketbook full of plastic. With a quick flick of the app, they can pay at any place that takes swiped credit cards.

On-the-Go Businesses

Residing somewhere between brick-and-mortar and e-commerce lies the mobile vendor. Hot dog carts, flower vendors and farmers market retailers are some of the common examples, but the new entrepreneurial society opens up opportunities for mobile vendors that are only limited by creativity. One of the leading deliverers of mobile payments for vendors is Verifone, which lets businesses take credit card information without an internet connection. This system is fully integrated with other payment management and inventory control systems. For smaller vendors, a smartphone-enabled card reader may be a better option.

Money Movers

Some people need more flexibility to move money the way they see fit. This is where the PayPal platform excels. PayPal lets customers pay with a credit card or through a linked account. Money also can be transferred to and from an existing bank or between other PayPal account holders without incurring a fee. This is a great platform for mobile companies with an e-commerce component since it can be integrated into most website host systems.

App Makers

As part of a multichannel marketing platform, many businesses are developing apps. In addition to marketing, advertising and promotions, these apps typically include payment platforms so customers have an easy payment method. This is the type of payment concept that game developers use to get money for in-game purchases.

Open Accounts

Sometimes it is easier for businesses to create their own systems. This is what Starbucks did. Starbucks customers can create an account and then fill it with money from gift cards, credit cards or in-store refills that can be used to make purchases. Repeat customers earn a gold card that offers them extra rewards on a point system. Customers can uploaded the card to their smartphones, making it a techy version of the Starbucks gold card.