5 Ways To Simplify Hiring Someone For Your Business

Smiling businessmen listening to young female during interview


Spending a lot of time finding the right candidate for a job can be a tedious and long process. Dealing with countless applications and candidates on a monthly or weekly basis will surely make your job hard to handle.

Luckily, there are some ways you can simplify things so you can better deal with your hiring and employee onboarding process. Other than having tools ready, you’ll need to implement some practices and routines in place.


Below are some ways to make hiring much simpler for your business.


  • Update Your HR Software

Before taking any serious steps in your hiring process, ensure that you’re using the most efficient and latest onboarding software and HR tools suited for your business needs.

There are some amazing tools that will help you automate your recruiting processes, like candidate communication and job ad placement. HR software keeps candidates up to date and is a big time-saver for talent management, which reduces the recruitment costs and keeps the hiring process well-organized.

By using HR software, your business can set particular recruiting and hiring tasks to perform automatically, providing the staffing manager time to focus on some responsibilities, while simplifying the recruiting and hiring processes.

Software for recruiting and hiring is best for maximizing your ROI. As a matter of fact, you can lessen your onboarding time investment while reducing business expenses.


  • Provide Specific And Clear Job Descriptions

Vague sounding job descriptions often irritate candidates. Such descriptions make it seem like you don’t know what you’re searching for, you’ve copied and pasted from other job descriptions online, or haven’t spent much time to profile the job you need for your business. For that reason, poorly written job descriptions give bad impressions, which may hinder you to hire the right employee.

The best recruiters never take shortcuts. But, rather, they use a certain language and format that list down clear descriptions. Keep in mind that when writing job descriptions, they don’t only revolve around you. You have to be specific with everything so your candidates will understand what you’re looking for, and whether or not they’re suited for the job. This way, you’ll both save time and attract more potential candidates.


  • Have A User-Friendly And Easy Application Process

When it comes to job ads, it’s crucial to keep your ideal candidates in mind, especially when creating your application process. Even if it’s a great idea to use software for screening candidates, never make a cumbersome process in which candidates will be required to fill out several pages of forms. If possible, make the process quicker as it’ll be better for both parties.

Candidates often consider the hiring process as a reflection of their business. If your application needs are challenging or a lot of irrelevant information is needed, that ideal candidate may develop a perspective that your business mired in red tape. So, make easy-to-use forms, allow attachments for cover letters and resumes, and take advantage of the HR software when sending emails to your applicants.


  • Consider Video Interviews

If you’ve found a good candidate, make sure to get them on video immediately for an interview. Within the first several minutes, you’ll know if they’re the best fit for the job. It has become a staple of today’s pre-screen process and, in some ways, it suits both parties.

In video interviews, you’re also evaluating the candidate’s suitability when it comes to their communication skills and personality. With these interviews, candidates also don’t need to leave the comfort of their homes.


  • Take Advantage Of Tests And Evaluations

Another way to simplify hiring somebody for your business is to make use of the tests as recruiting hacks in the hiring process. The reason behind it is that once done well, evaluations can help you sort out the candidates you should let go and those who are worth calling. Other than evaluations, tests can be utilized for assessing personality traits, abilities, or skills.

However, be aware that a lot of candidates aren’t willing to invest more time in forms of testing, so keep this hiring technique simple and precise. Once you decide to use these, let the job seekers know that this task must be expected to be performed.

Give details on the number of questions involved and the time required for the evaluation. Ensure that your evaluation doesn’t exceed an hour so your candidates won’t feel that you’re asking too much.



If you want to hire the best employees for your business, your hiring process must be simple enough to attract even those who aren’t looking. This is when you’ll find the perfect candidates that will help you build your dream team to achieve your business goals in no time. So, make sure to implement those above ways to simplify your hiring process.