6 Low-Cost Ways to Throw Classroom Party Celebrations

6 Low-Cost Ways to Throw Classroom Party Celebrations

Reflect on all the hard work you and your students have done. You all deserve a fun classroom party. Although wonderful programs like Teach for America give you the skills to teach in a classroom, it’s your passion that will help you continue your teaching journey.


The best part is that there are low-cost ways to throw classroom party celebrations. No matter how much time or money you can contribute, one of the ways listed below should work for you.


Have a Movie Party


Movies can be both educational and fun. Many students love getting the chance to watch a movie over doing schoolwork. To make it feel more like a party, you can pre-select a few movies and have the students vote on which one to watch.


You can keep this classroom celebration low-cost by only letting students choose from movies you already have available. Once you have the movie, your school should have the right equipment to play it. This might mean using a projector or a television in the room.


DIY the Entire Party


It’s arts and crafts time. You should work with your students to vote on a theme for your classroom party. From there, you can create committees that are in charge of different parts of the party planning process. For example, one group can create decorations while another chooses appropriate music.


If you decide to go this route, make sure to give students enough time to plan and pick out committee leaders. Also, there might be some costs involved for decorations and food, but they should be very low.


Join Forces with Other Teachers


Two teachers are better than one. Ask around. See if other teachers are willing to throw a party with you. Together, you both can chip in or get the school to give more money. If nothing else, you and the other teacher can combine resources to throw a classroom party.


Reuse Decorations, Party Favors, and Games


Think about what you currently have in terms of decorations, party favors, and games. You might be able to reuse some of them for your party. For example, elementary teachers normally have puzzles or dominos laying around. They would be able to use them as games at the party.


Enjoy a Classroom Party at the Local Park or Playground


Sometimes, you just need to mix it up. Get students out of the classroom for the party. Super low-cost ways to do this are staying on school grounds or going to a local park.


Staying at the school would be the best for the party since you wouldn’t have to worry about permission slips. That being said, if you don’t have a playground or grassy field at your school, a local park is still an excellent option.


Team Up with Local Businesses


A lot of local businesses love helping out the community. After checking if it is ok with your school’s policy, you should reach out to them. This is a great way to have a low-cost party. Plus, it brings awareness to local companies.