7 Restaurant Supplies Every New Owner Needs to Pick Up


There are more than 1 million restaurants in the United States.

This makes sense, since more than 60% of Americans typically eat out at least once a week.

Whether you’ve always dreamed of starting a restaurant or you simply see an economic opportunity you can’t pass up, starting a restaurant is an operation that requires organization, drives, and capital.

Let’s take a look at seven restaurant supplies that you’ll need to purchase as a new owner.

1. Production Equipment

it doesn’t matter what type of restaurant you’re going to be starting, no matter what production equipment will be essential. What will vary is specific equipment needs between one restaurant and another. If your restaurant is going to be serving hot meals, then you will likely need a service and preparation kitchen.

If the facility that you are leasing or buying RD has a kitchen, then it’s possible that much of the equipment you need is already there. Then you can make modifications if necessary.

Preparation kitchen required quite a bit of equipment. When budgeting for your heavy production equipment, plan for anywhere from $30,000-$65,000. You’ll want to do some research and find the most energy-saving, cost-effective, and versatile equipment out there, rather than just finding the cheapest oldest thing you can as a discount.

2. Dishwashing Equipment

All restaurants require a dishwashing machine of some kind. You will most likely want a three-stage dishwashing machine. To buy one of these varies greatly in costs, ranging anywhere from $2000-$25,000.

Purchasing a dishwasher isn’t the only cost associated with this task. You’ll also have to install the necessary equipment, including garbage disposal, dish table, three-compartment sink, and landing area. This will likely cost another $5000-$25,000.

3. Receiving and Storage Equipment

One of the most expensive equipment pieces that you will buy for your thieving and storage area is a walk-in freezer/refrigerator. This is not a place that you want to cut corners, since this is where you keep preserved and kept fresh.

This area of your restaurant will also need shelving, a breakdown table, and a scale. You’ll want to budget roughly $2000-$4000 for this equipment.

4. Bar Equipment

Next, you will need to outfit your new restaurant. You can either have a bar custom-made or you can purchase a standard bar equipped with a refrigerator underneath from a dealer.

For this purchase, you’ll want to budget between $5000 and $12,000.

You’ll need to outfit this area with a three-compartment sink with a drainboard, a cash register, a beverage dispensing system, an ice machine, glasses, a beer dispensing system, lenders, mixers, bottle openers, ice crusher, and many other miscellaneous tools. Purchasing all of these extra components will cost somewhere between $12,000 and $22,000.

5. Tableware and Other Supplies

You’ll want to determine how much tableware, glasses, dishes based on the capacity of your restaurant. You’ll also need to get sugar, salt, and pepper containers to go on each table. You also want to have some for backup.

Check out this site for restaurant chinaware.

On top of this, you’ll want at least a dozen large pans and a dozen sets of tongs.

Another thing you’ll have to have stopped in your restaurant supply are a number of different paper products. Things like to go containers, napkins, doggy bags, towels, placemats, and tissues will be necessary supplies to have your restaurant.

You can save money by buying paper products in bulk and storing as much as possible. Once you set up a relationship with a restaurant supply store or another supplier, you can set up a regular schedule in order to receive more product.

6. Uniforms

depending on the nature of your restaurant, you may or may not require your employees wear uniform. Uniforms can help to give both your restaurant and its employees a more professional appearance.

It is common for restaurants to tell their employees a dress code outlining the colors are allowed to wear and the types of outfit. Even if you don’t have formal uniforms, you’ll need to purchase hairnets, aprons, chef hats, and other items for your kitchen staff.

If you are picking out uniforms for your staff, you’ll want to pick uniforms that reflect the culture, aesthetics, and theme of your restaurant.

7. Safety Equipment

of course, your restaurant will also need safety equipment. You’ll want to have a well-stocked medical emergency or first aid kit located prominently. On top of that, you’ll need dome safety mirrors and fire extinguishers. Before you purchase any fire, sanitation, or safety equipment, check with your local fire department to learn of any guidelines.

You’ll want your staff to wear nonslip shoes and you should line your floors with rubber mats. These mats can help to keep your kitchen safe and help to prevent injury.

Your Restaurant Won’t Be a Restaurant Without These Restaurant Supplies

Starting a restaurant is an exciting new endeavor. Whether you’ve always dreamed of starting your own sandwich shop or you are finally opening that fine dining establishment that you’ve been planning for years, it will take quite a bit of money, time, patience, and drive to get your new restaurant off the ground.

Whether you are running a café or a hotel restaurant, the supplies you will need will look strikingly similar. All restaurants have certain things in common and certain needs in common.

Taking care of purchasing essential restaurant supplies can leave you with more space to focus on the other important aspects of your business.

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