A Secure Foundation Is A Must Have For Any Playground


“The playground, instead of telling the child what to do, becomes a place for endless exploration, of endless opportunity for changing play” – Isamu Noguchi


Playgrounds are a place of wonder, children will run to play on monkey bars, go down slides and try their hardest to swing so high they can go all the way around. It is a getaway from everyday tasks and a way for children to let out their energy, frustration, and recharge. Children have crazy imaginations and from a stick, they can have, a sword, a bat, or a magic wand. Although it is important for children to have play in their activities, it is also important they are safe when doing so. 


Parents will look at playgrounds and see how safe and secure it looks for their little ones, they don’t want to see uneven surfaces or cracks in the floor where they might injure themselves. Safety rubber flooring is a must-have foundation for any playground, it will need to be not only safe but durable. With so many little feet running about and children may bring bikes, scooters, and wagons of toys, the flooring needs to be able to manage that level of foot traffic. 


You will need to put out a guarantee that it is safe and smooth for the children to carry on their play without a care in the world. So, when using safety rubber flooring like from adventureTURF you know that they will utilize the best quality rubber surfacing available so you know you are getting top quality flooring.


The company adventureTURF also has experts that will design and install whatever you need whether that is poured in place rubber surfacing on the playground as well as offering rubber flooring, pool deck flooring, and other safety surfaces. The expert stall will also choose with you, the client, the most appropriate flooring needed for what playground equipment, shade structures, canopies, and any other playground amenities that will be required so you have a quality and durable product to suit your vision.


Opting for the poured-in-place rubber playground surfacing you will be able to customize it however you want. The color, shape, depth, and design are completely up to you, so you can really make it suit the area and corresponding colors to what is around the playground. As it is poured and mixed on-site of where you want it, you can choose to have any school colors, logos, games, or shapes permanently a part of the flooring so it won’t be scuffed off or lose its shape. 


The flooring is also recycled rubber and a unitary playground surface so it is all connected, unlike mulch so shows a better safety aspect for children. Another feature is Porous which is ideal for indoor and outdoor as it is perfectly safe if getting wet, so rain or shine the playground is still usable and safe. All poured-in flooring is also ADA- compliant so meets the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act.