A Trained Workforce is a Ready Workforce


Hiring the best possible members of staff is a tricky business. As soon as you get to the interview phase, choosing one from a pool of dozens of candidates isn’t always easy. However, if you feel as though some or even all of your business’s employees need a little extra expertise, training can give them (and you) the edge over your competitors.


Using the technology sector as an example, UK businesses have many different qualifications and certifications to choose from. These cover areas as diverse as cybersecurity, confidentiality and even healthcare, but some are must-haves for IT professionals, no matter where they work and how much knowledge or experience they already have.


Proof of Expertise


The main benefit of having extra training is that it acts as proof of an employee’s knowledge. Anyone looking for IT support would be more inclined to hire someone who has all the relevant training than someone who does not. Among the most sought-after IT certificates are those offered by Microsoft, who offer training for those using servers, their cloud technology or maintaining IT infrastructures.


Investing in training for your workforce is a must, if you’re to gain the trust of any clients. By paying for Microsoft certifications, you will be able to cover all kinds of tech skills. In the process, your employees will learn more about an IT niche, becoming experts at the end of their course. Their certificate is valid for a lifetime and the more you have, the better for your business’s reputation.


Skills Gap


Any Microsoft-certified professional is sure to stand out. In the UK, this is particularly true, as there is a sizeable skills gap in the technology sector. According to recent figures, there are approximately 163,000 job vacancies for digital specialists. Software developers, scrum masters and roles in maintenance are among the roles that are proving the most difficult to fill.


For the eagle-eyed employer looking for the right candidate, a jobseeker with professional certification is sure to stand out. With extra training on their resumes, they stand a greater chance of being placed into a role that fits their skill set. In the process, employers benefit from having someone more skilled than, say, a candidate with very little experience.


That being said, in training someone on the job, you will know for sure that your employees will be ready for any job, no matter how much knowhow it needs. Regardless of which industry your business is in, give your staff training and they will tool you with the skills needed to make it.