All about Forex Trading



Forex is also called as Foreign exchange. It is even popular as currency trading, FX. This is a place where world’s currencies trade and it is a global market which is decentralized. Forex market is said to be one among the largest and highest liquid market in the whole world. The average daily trading volume of the Forex outweighs $5 trillion. This is more than and far exceeding when compared to whole world’s stock combined together. This is the reason Forex trading has unbelievable opportunities which one cannot get anywhere else. For better trading experience one must try metatrader 4 download kostenlos.

Transaction in Forex:

Simple Forex transaction can be understood as a overseas travel. Every time one travels overseas they do a Forex transaction. This is because after visiting a country everyone will do currency exchange. For example when a person travels to France, he will go and exchange his currency to euros. How many euros will he get is decided by the forex exchange between euros and his coutry’s currency. This also depends on the demand and supply. This exchange rate is variable and fluctuates continuously. For great trading experience one can try metatrader 4 download kostenlos.

Let’s see for example if the travelled person has pounds and wants to change them to euros. One day he may get 1.19 euros, very next day he may get 1.20 euros. For a person on trip this may not look like a bid deal. But when we think it on a bigger scale, this will be really significant.

For example, a large international company which has overseas employees. The company should do the payment for its employees in the foreign currency. For them it will be a huge change. So, the exchanging from one currency to another will cost more based on the time or day the exchange happens. The change in few pennies may happen really fast. This is the reason either you are a traveler or a company owner, you must better wait for the exchange until the forex exchange rate is really favorable to you.

Opportunities in Forex:

Similar to trading stocks, one can also trade currency. This will definitely depend on its value. The main difference compared to stock exchange is in currency exchange one can trade down or trade up easily.

That means if the person thinks that a currency will go high in value, then he can buy it. If he guesses that it is going to down he can sell it. Compared to other markets, finding the seller when a person wants to buy and finding the buyer when he wants to sell the currency is much easier in the forex trading.

For example a person hears in the news that a country is devaluing its currency just to draw some foreign business. In this case, if a person thinks that this will for long duration then he may decide to sell that currency. While selling he can sell that country’s currency against some other currency. For example if the person has China currency and China has decided to devalue its currency, he may sell it against US dollar. There will be higher profit when currency of China gets more and devaluation against US dollar. If in case China increases its currency value, when the person has his sell position is open, then he will face a big loss. He may even get out of the trade.

New platforms:

Among the many platforms available MetaTrader 4 is one among the platforms for trading Forex. It helps in analyzing the financial markets and utilizing the expert advisors. To enhance the Forex trading experience it is better to use MetaTrader 4 platform. It aids in trading market, trading signals, and mobile trading as well. These are the integral parts of this platform.

To trade in today’s market; millions of traders are going for MetaTrader 4. This is best suitable for traders with wide range of needs. Irrespective of the skill levels of the trader, MetaTrader platform comes with myriad number of opportunities for traders. Some of the features it comes with are as follows

  • Advanced technical analysis
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Trading system which is extremely flexible
  • The best it offers is the expert advisors
  • Mobile trading application is the one which is chosen and liked by many traders

MetaTrader 4 frontiers also extend market and signals which are additional. Signals and market are the 2 best services delivered. Among this, signals is the service which gives an option to copy the trades done by other traders. Other hand Market service is the one which provides Technical indicators which can be purchased. Along with this it also provides lot of Expert Advisors.

The tool Forex platform is also known as Forex terminal. This is mostly used in retail Forex trading. This tool or platform serves as a bridge between the foreign exchange market and traders. To create that bridge it uses an interface.

MetaTrader 4 Client Terminal is designed in such a way that it helps the traders to analyze the current market trends. With the help of this they can perform trade operations easily on the financial markets. Among many tools, MetaTrader 4 is considered as a class leading software project. When it comes to flexible management in trading activities, MetaTrader 4 opens up great opportunities.

MetaTrader is well known worldwide for its great features. Some of them are

  • Customization features
  • Effectiveness
  • Usability

These features help in users to get adapted to many other software programs which aid in robot trading. MetaTrader 4 is also known as MT4. It comes with built in indicators which help in analyzing the market. Along with this MQL4 network aids in traders to use trading strategies which are automated. The technical indicators which are built in allow the traders to analyze even security quotes. Same time MQL4 network also help in usage and development of automated trading strategies.

Let’s look at some of the features of MT4.

  • MT4 offers complete technical analysis. It has more than 50 charting tools and built in indicators
  • It allows traders to create different custom indicators and various time periods. These time period may range from minute to months
  • MT4 allows secured trade sessions. Every client is given username and password
  • There is one feature which is of great help that is online news
  • MT4 comes with program interface which is multi lingual
  • It also offers internal mailing system
  • There is real time data export and import facility
  • It also has history database management
  • 200 lots is the streaming price range
  • Mobile trading is the one more great feature offered by MT4

Along with many other features MT4 becomes one among the great platform for Forex trading. Automated trading is the one among the many features chosen by many traders in MT4. MT4 is available for many mobile phones and pda’s.