Amazon Buy Box – How it Works and How to Win It


The Amazon Buy Box is a privilege granted to a few considering that any person with access to the Internet can provide the service of selling products that someone else on the Internet is on the hunt for. Amazon has opened the gates not just in America but on international trade by allowing almost anyone from anywhere to start their own homegrown business. If you want to be a learned trader, or if you’re vying for the top spot, here are a few things that you might want to consider for shaping up your products to win the Amazon buy box.

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

Amazon has allowed Internet users to sell their products online, but with the sea of similar products sold, there is a spectrum of quality among the products ranging from second hand to pristine. The Amazon Buy Box allows buyers to know that Amazon is recommending the product by having the function add it to your cart. As a seller, it’s a privilege denoting that the product you’re selling is one of the better quality ones in the market according to Amazon’s algorithm.Eligibility for the Buy Box status is monitored and assessed with a set of criteria to aid buyers in considering their choices, and sellers to adjust their quality of service.


How to ace the assessment

The Amazon Buy Box status is eyed by many sellers as it gives a lot of perks and bonuses to a growing business. That is why the competition is strong among sellers to excel at what Amazon sees as exceptional business practices that can earn a buy box status.

First and foremost is the price of the product. To get ahead of the 48 other “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone” mint condition paperbacks out there, you need to be able to adjust your prices accordingly. Not too high that it alienates buyers, but not too low that it sets you off as cheap.

Having a good number of items in stock is also a good sign of increasing your chances to win in terms of availability. Numbers are one thing, service is another, and it is a factor that is greatly valued by customers. Expanding your shipping options goes a long way in expanding your reach in the market.

It’s anyone’s game

The biggest unintentional opportunity provided by the Internet is that it is open to everyone. Anyone who wants to make a name for himself or herself does not necessarily have to slave away for years to gain recognition in their market. In the online sales economy provided by Amazon and similar host sites, everyone has an equal opportunity in winning the site’s endorsement privileges.