American Legion District 22 Honors Graduating Teens at Annual Oratorical Contest


College Bound Youth Speak on the U.S. Constitution and Judged by Military Veterans

Houston, Texas (January 22, 2018) – The Department of Texas American Legion 22nd District under the command of Marine Colonel (retired) Jimmy Mitchell, announces the contestants and scholarship recipient of the 80th Annual District Level Competition for the Oratorical Speech Writing Contest.  The competition is formed and based on identifying next-generation leaders on their knowledge of the Constitution and the Amendments.

The judging begins early in the year starting at the post level, then district, division, department and grand finale at national in Indianapolis.

The American Legion National plans to award $138,000 in scholarships to National High School Winners in 2018 – “Talk your way through college.”

Each High School orator rendered a prepared 8 to 10 minute speech on the Constitution before a panel of judges and then was assigned a topic based on 1 of 4 pre-selected amendments given by the American Legion National.

The contestants were judged on a variety of considerations to include knowledge, speaking skills, staying within the time commitment, and originality to name a few.

Congratulations to the contestants, their parents, schools and respective American Legion posts.

1st Place – $500 Scholarship Recipient for “Can Our Constitution Survive a Crisis” – Adarsh Suresh (11th grade) of Clear Brook High School (Post 490)
2nd Place – Jonathan Kirk (Senior) for “First Comes Rights”  – First Baptist Christian Academy (Post 521)
3rd Place Raoul Tchomba (11th grade) for “Voting” – Wisdom High School (Post 416)

Left to right: Raoul Tchomba (3rd), Jonathan Kirk (2nd) and Adarsh Suresh (1st)
Left to right: Raoul Tchomba (3rd), Jonathan Kirk (2nd) and Adarsh Suresh (1st)

“The students are among the most talented in our Nation,” said Colonel Jimmy Mitchell, Commander of the 22nd District Department of Texas American Legion, “This is demonstrated from Post level competition to National level competition. This American Legion Program will never cease due to its exposure to our public education system. This Contest will grow as it is one of those core values of our Nation’s educational pursuits, public speaking.”

A contingent of board members for the new veterans museum being planned for Houston was also in attendance to observe and support.

Video Message from Sheryll Jones, Chair of the American Legion 22nd District Department of Texas – Oratorical Speech Writing Contest

The 2nd Division Contest will be held in Beaumont in February 11th at Post 817. The orations start promptly at 1pm at 3430 W. Cardinal Drive, Beaumont, Texas.  Post Commander and 2nd Division Commander Milton Chatham.

The video production was sponsored in part by the National Association for Legal Gun Defense known as that is veteran owned and operated and stands in defense of the 2nd Amendment, the right to bear arms.

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