Are You a Business Owner? Here are 4 Reasons Why First Impressions Matter


Whether you are meeting your clients or potential investors, first impressions can make or break that business deal. Therefore, it is your responsibility as a business owner to leave people with a positive experience to build those desired long-lasting relationships. You need to understand that you are the face of your business; hence how you present yourself, communicate, and pitch ideas immensely matter.

Among other factors, a first impression boils down to your dressing code, mannerisms, and ability to communicate concisely. Here are four reasons why first impressions matter:

They Last

The key thing to remember about first impressions is that they cannot easily be repaired or altered. This delicate nature of first impressions requires them to be attended to wholeheartedly as you may only have one shot to ink that deal. Therefore portraying the best values of your brand will help you form lasting relationships with other potential associates.

In the end, it is difficult to remember everything that you said, but the first impressions are what comes to thought first.

Make a Professional Statement

The first thing that someone sitting across the room draws from looking at you is how professionally you are. They rate you and form an opinion that awaits confirmation based on how the meeting progresses. It is noticeably easy to tell that you put an effort in presenting yourself in time and looking fresh.

Such attributes make you trustworthy and intelligent to some degree. Your tone and word choice say a lot about you.

Show Competence

The first responses you churn out for questions asked by your business associates show your competence and extent of knowledge on subject matters. You need to conduct research ahead of interviews on a majority of areas you are likely to be asked. If you fully understand every area of your business, you will beam with confidence leaving the associates wowed.

If your business is in the pesticide niche, familiarize yourself with commercial pest control methods and other possible areas of interest.

Convey Reliability

Business deals are struck based on the belief that the other party can deliver in time as agreed. When you first speak without swaying off the topic and answer questions as asked, you build your credibility. While conversing for the first time with your potential stakeholders, take note of what they say to you and try not to forget.

The first conversation always elicits great emotions when you’ve extended your ties for years.

Can Get you Referrals

One of the most common and cost-effective ways that a business can grow is through referrals. Referrals allow you to take advantage of the relationships that your clients have with the new prospect. A good first impression will let you ask for additional referrals to grow your business even more.


First impressions can grow your firm by getting you new deals or even earning you referrals. Therefore, it is crucial for you as the face of your brand to make a good first impression on your customers. Treat each first encounter as the last you will ever get, and your future self will be glad you gave your best even when some won’t work out.

Whether positive or not, each experience should point out lessons and areas you can improve to get your business to new heights.