Are you a romantic at heart? We have a cool promotion for you and a loved one!





Value $150 – Dinner and Flowers Contest

  • Write your love story and post on-line (short and sweet)
    • How you met
    • Why you love that person
    • Why you both carry firearms (a couple who is armed together stays together)
    • Post with promo code to include in your social media post:  first initial/last name
      • Example: Valentine’s Promotion Promo Code: your initial and last name
    • Call to action (have others share your story): please share our story
    • Hashtags:  #luv #defended #SDFprotected
  • E-mail us your story and post link to
  • One winning couple to be picked by 2/12 at 12PM CST.
  • Our judges will pick the best story!
  • We will share your story on or Facebook Pages for others to read as well
  • Some restrictions apply. Generally, $50 to cover flowers and $100 to cover dinner in your area
    • We will help coordinate
    • No purchase required
Thank you for choosing to participate.  As always, we pray that you and your family remain safe.
On mission,

Andy Valadez, Marketing Director (paying member and advocate)
USMC 88 to 92 (Desert Storm/Desert Shield – non-combat)
Direct: 713.828.6210

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