Ask Me Anything: 10 Answers to Your Questions About online trading



Forex may be a completely meaningless word to you. But in it’s easiest explanation, Forex trading is the process of trading foreign currencies. Currency trading online is a great way to get started. Here are 10 answers to your questions about online trading.


How Can I start trading online ?


Beginners can learn everything they need to know from the websites that support online training. The easy to follow videos are especially helpful. Play them repeatedly until the concepts make sense. The safest way to begin is with an online practice account. It’s fun, it is educational, and you might find a hobby that has the potential of being profitable. You can take help of reputed brokers like CMC Markets to learn the basics and increase the earnings with online trading.


How to make Forex Trades ?


There are no open market places for currencies, so they simply trade over the counter. The foreign exchange market opens on Monday at 7:00 am in Australia and closes at 5:00 pm in New York. Traders can make Forex trades 5 days a week, 24 hours a day. It is all very fast paced, which may be the reason some people are somewhat intimidated by the process.


How to make money with online trading ?


Trading currencies can be profitable. The value of any given currency changes continually, yet changes do not occur at the same pace. Timing is very important as Forex traders try to capitalize on the fluctuations of value of foreign currencies.


What are Pairs and Forex majors ?


One of the first things to learn, is that currencies trade in pairs. The seven most traded pairs are known as the Forex majors. With each major, the U. S. Dollars is a part of the trade in either the buying or selling capacity.


All of the majors involve the U. S. Dollar. That is, in each instance the U. S. Dollar is either being purchased or sold. The seven majors account for up to 80 percent of all the currencies traded on the Forex trading market.


What are the benefits of online trading ?


The benefits of online stock trading are countless. The certainty of the matter is that online stock trading is partially gainful because you can do it from your own home computer and make some cash off of it. A lot of elderly and disabled stock traders simply cannot get out to see a stockbroker at Edward Jones for instance.


Is online trading better than having an offline broker ?


The broker can be helpful with advice and extra set of eyes on an issue, but you can’t always afford the time and the effort necessary to go have a lengthy and analytical discussion of your portfolio with them.

Can I save money on fees with online trading ?


You simply don’t have as many extra maintaining fees with an online service as you do with your average stockbroker or financial analyst. The financial analyst has a right to make their money, but it is much easier on your pocket book if you are just getting a flat per trade fee with an online service.


Do I have to pay any fee when I close account with online broker ?


Many stockbrokers out there also charge you in order to close your account with them, some people tend to view this as some sort of parting shot. There are several online brokers who let the user close their account for free. This is a good thing in my estimation because it lets people come and go as they please.


If you are being charged two hundred dollars just to close your account, it can make you afraid to even do so. The user should not be afraid to close their account at anytime due to fees and with many online brokers, you don’t have to feel this way.


Is the autonomy offered by online broker helpful ?


The most crucial for me when it comes to the conflict between online trading and the normal brokerage system is the fact that you have autonomy. You can do your own research and make your own choices without feeling pressure from another direction. Stockbrokers can not pull you in the wrong direction with online trading.


How to use online trading for maximum profit ?


You have the ultimate veto power when it comes to working with a broker as well, but sometimes the pressure they place upon you can overwhelm your better instincts. It is your money that is being dealt with and you should hold the key.


You can sleep at night knowing the choices that you made were your own and you can take complete responsibility for those choices. This does not mean that you shouldn’t consult other individuals before making a final decision on a bulky stock trade, but the power truly is yours.