Bail Bondsman Explains Scenario If You Can’t Afford Bail After Arrest


Upon arrest, you are taken to jail to await trial. However, depending on the crime you have committed, you may have the option of posting bail so that you are set free to resume normal duties until your scheduled court date for a hearing. Many times a person will call a nationwide bail agency. A defendant’s first instinct upon landing in jail is to figure out a way to get out of jail as fast as possible to avoid the inconveniences associated with being locked up. The normal way is to post the relevant bail to be released. Bail can be in the form of cash, property or other assets given to the court with a promise to show up as scheduled. Failure to show up means the bail is forfeited and a warrant of arrest is issued to return the defendant to face charges and possible jail term.

However, sometimes the judge or court sets bail too high for the defendant and his family members to afford. This could mean spending several weeks or even months in jail before the trial date. While some algorithms are used to set bail and ensure a fair amount for the defendant, not everyone can afford to post bail. If you find yourself in such a position, you should find a reliable bail bondsman to post your bail at a small fee or premium. A bail bondsman is useful when you have to come up with a huge amount on such short notice. The bond agent can help you explore some of the options available without digging deeper into your savings or emptying your account.

Being unable to post bail does not often leave the defendant with many options. While bail reform remains a hotly-contested topic in regards to the exorbitant bail prices and ridiculously high cost of keeping suspected criminals in jail as they await trial, not many solutions have come from it. Therefore, the defendant is left with a few options that include staying and waiting. While this is the least desirable, you may be freed on personal recognizance. However, the duration of your jail stay may depend on the court schedule and their ability to fix a date for your trial.

If you are not patient enough to wait or the option seems too costly for you in terms of your reputation, business or career, you can ask for help from a loved one. Friends and family members can help you come up with the required bail, which may include borrowing money or selling some of your valuables to raise bail money. However, if this is not an option for you, you may consider getting a bail bond from a bonding company. This is often a preferred option because the defendant doesn’t have to break the bank to secure his or her release from jail. However, you should be ready to pay a premium of about 10%, including other related charges (if any).

Being arrested can be a stressful and devastating experience, especially if you cannot afford the bail amount set by the court. However, you have a few options if you are unable to post bail after being arrested, including waiting for your trial, asking loved ones for help, and getting a bail bond.