Behind the Brand: “Highest Court in the Land” Campaign


Article by Andy Valadez, Marketing Dynamics

I’ve been in marketing my whole life, but my company Marketing Dynamics has been involved with many “tip of the spear” causes, initiatives and companies over the years since I started my company in 1999.  I wanted to take a moment to chat about one of my clients the National Association for Legal Gun Defense otherwise known as

For many of my clients, I act as a Marketing Director or Producer for their companies identifying marketplace opportunities and leveraging visibility with our network of resources and contacts.

Bill Knapik of Stewart Title and host  of “Successful Living” recently allowed me to share my company story on his radio show featured below.  I am normally behind the scenes, so it was nice of him to ask me to go on the air to talk about range of expertise and interests.

I became interested in as a client after it was recommended to me by retired combat Army First Sergeant CJ Grisham, Founder of Open Carry Texas who has been very successful at helping to champion the open carry movement in our state (Texas), across the nation and around the world.  Because of organizations like his, we have seen a major push-back against those trying to defeat our self-protection rights, the gun being the iconic representation of that right as codified in our U.S. Constitution under the 2nd Amendment.

Well, unfortunately there seems to be too many laws on the books that have yet to be litigated and so, there has to be an organization that is willing to destroy laws that restrict Americans from protecting themselves and their families. is one of these companies. is prepared to defend its members to the highest courts in the land to include the U.S. Supreme Court. The membership is not insurance and not subject to the many caveats that come with policies that seem to not really cover their members well and it is not a legal firm which may actually act to restrict or deny claims.  We are a membership that has access to a team of litigation attorneys, not plea bargainers.

I’ll keep this somewhat short.  After being involved as the Marketing Director for we have zeroed in on the major difference between this organization and others. This ad below will be running nationally and socialized with thought-leaders who are now asking key questions about litigation defense membership.

There are many folks with a variety of programs that attempt to provide what provides its members. I have yet to come across one that promises what offers in black and white. We encourage future members to do their own research.

Regarding marketing, we are pushing this campaign “The highest court in the land” in order to strike up a conversation about liberty and legal jeopardy.  I am open to your ideas and influence and we have launched this push this morning which will include:

  • Produced audio and video media
  • Press release to editors interested in freedom and gun issues
  • Social media campaigns across the nation
  • Sales support with our on-line sales team
  • Article submissions and guests features to talk about self-defense and legal jeopardy
  • Strategic Alliance alignment
  • And new strategic spinoffs #SDFprotected

If you see it on-line and in the media, remember you read about it here first.


U S Supreme Court


About Andy Valadez

Pencil HeadAndy is a United States Marine Corps Veteran serving during Desert Storm/Desert Shield non-combat from 1988 to 1992.  He is a graduate from Texas A&M Univeristy with a BBA in Marketing and a graduate from Tulane University.  He is married to his wife of 29 years with two teenage daughters.  His company Marketing Dynamics was founded in 1999 with a focus in technology, broadcast, entertainment, publishing and start-ups. Visit: to review case studies of his work.  You can contact him direct at 713.560.3348.

DISCLAIMER: ONLY AN ATTORNEY CAN GIVE LEGAL ADVICE. This information is provided as a general overview of self-defense cases. It is not intended to serve as legal advice or statutory interpretation for any given jurisdiction. The SDF keeps track of self-defense cases as a part of our continuing education on how other cases have been handled in the justice system and to keep our members armed with knowledge. Members can be assured that they will be aggressively defended.


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