Best 5 Reasons to Get In-House Legal Counsel


If you’re looking for an in-house legal recruitment agency because you’re interested in bringing legal skills to your company operation, then you’ve probably spent a long time mulling over the pros and cons. It can’t be denied that there are advantages and disadvantages to having in-house legal counsel compared to using outside law firms, and they can leave some companies struggling to make a final decision on what to do.

To help make your decision, here’s a strong and positive case in favor of in-house legal recruitment. Hopefully, it will help make things clearer.

Advantage 1: You Can More Soundly Delegate Legal Matters

This first advantage may sound odd to some because surely the use of an outside law firm is also delegating legal matters, isn’t it? It is, but the difference is that you can do it with greater confidence and peace of mind with in-house counsel. An in-house lawyer or legal team is working to provide legal expertise and streamline any outside help just to that which is needed most. Ultimately, you have a legal department that handles those legal matters, reporting to you as and when you need it, and you can refocus your attention on other areas your company needs.

Advantage 2: Legal Minds are Great to Have On Board

However many in-house lawyers make up your new legal department, you are bringing on board some serious intellectual power to your team. Lawyers are known for their sharp intellect, attention to detail, and sound judgment and advice. They are in a position to advise you on a huge number of issues, not just on the things that pertain to their legal remit.

Advantage 3: Their Emotional Intelligence is Invaluable, too

Besides the pure heavyweight intellectual knowledge that they carry, lawyers are also great fountains of emotional intelligence (EQ). This means they are good at reading different people and situations and are very talented at solving disputes and other interpersonal issues within the team. This makes them a great source of support for your HR team and a great “go-to” department for people with various queries and questions they need help with.

Advantage 4: Lawyering is All About Solutions

Lawyers in outside firms and in-house teams are all laser-focused on one thing: finding workable and suitable solutions to all manner of problems, but especially legal problems, obviously. Bringing that kind of positive solution-based thinking into your team is advantageous in many ways. Growth and progress in business are all about solving the many obstacles that are in the way, and in-house lawyers — similar to in-house accountants — are great for that.

Advantage 5: Their Advice is Often Better

An in-house lawyer is better informed of both your legal situation and your exact business practices. No matter how close you might feel with an outside law firm, the truth is that with their many clients, it is impossible for them to get on real intimate terms with your particular enterprise. They can know the legal details, but not everything else. That’s where an in-house counsel is far superior to have on board.

The result of that is legal advice that fully takes into account your business situation and commercial affairs, which means that it’s tailored to your needs more precisely than that which outside counsel typically provides.

Take Your Time and Recruit Correctly

While the advantages of an in-house legal team are many, it still requires careful thought and consideration when hiring. It’s a good idea to call on the expertise of an agency to help you find in-house lawyers. Agencies are better connected with a wide network of lawyers looking for new opportunities and will be able to quickly and effectively make a match for you.