Birthday Invoices and Smarter because of an iPhone?

Courtesy of Mental

On Today’s program of the 3 AM Egos we discussed two ridiculous topics.

Our First topic came out of England, where a boy who is 5 years old is getting fined for not showing up to his friend’s birthday party. According to the Huffington Post, the boy, Alex Nash, was given an invoice for 16 pounds ($24) in his backpack at school. Nash’s father contacted the parent to work it out peacefully, but didn’t succeed. Turns out the reason why Alex had missed the party was because he wanted to go see his grandparents. Now the birthday boy’s parent is taking David Nash to court. Kevin (host) Sigmund (producer) and I all thought this was utterly insane because in reality, not everyone invited is going to show up.

If you’re an iphone user, you’re smarter than an Android user. According to a new study released by Chitika, an advertising agency, people who use iphones are smarter. The research says that the states that with more college graduates are likely to be Iphone users. The states with the highest college graduation rates include Alaska, Montana, and Vermont. The reason is that new college graduates tend to have more money to spend on iphones.