Boosting Productivity by Building Trust


Every employer will want to boost the productivity of their employees as this can have a huge impact on the operation and lead to much greater success. This is much easier said than done, however, and keeping productivity high will be a constant, ongoing process.


One of the most effective ways to keep productivity high is to build employee trust – the more they trust that you care about them, the more they will feel valued. This can, in turn, drive productivity as they will feel a part of the team and more involved in the company. Here are a few strategies for building trust.


Reward Achievements

Achievements should always be recognised and rewarded in the workplace. This helps people to feel valued in their position which is vital for trust and morale. Be sure to give praise in public and to create a working culture that celebrates the achievements of others.


Flexibility for Personal Issues

Employees need to feel that you seem them as people and this means that you need to be flexible and show support for any personal issues. This may involve allowing them to leave early or to take some time off, but you should also support them in any way that you can through challenging periods.


Office Improvements

Taking suggestions for office improvements on a semi-regular basis will demonstrate that you value your opinion and want to make their working environment as comfortable for them as possible.


Paid On Time

For employees, there is not much more important than getting paid accurately and on time and this will be crucial for developing trust. It is for this reason why it can be a smart idea to use payroll software to ensure that payments are always 100% accurate and that they are made on time each month.


Bonus Schemes

Bonus schemes are a good idea as they can incentives the staff and also show that you value their hard work. You could also consider stock options for long-serving staff to encourage employee loyalty.


These are just a few methods that you can build employee trust. In addition to creating a positive and enjoyable working atmosphere, this can also help to boost productivity which will help the company to become more successful. Trust is not something that is developed overnight and it will take constant effort, but it will prove to be worth it in the long run if it can impact morale and productivity.