Build Your Inner Strength Through Resiliency Training with Christian Moore


Resilience is a hot topic these days. For me though, teaching others to build their own resiliency is one of my passions – It’s one of the reasons I even became a therapist. I learned early on in life about my own resiliency through some less than pleasant circumstances in my life. That being said, I was in close contact with others who were not as resilient. I’ve learned first-hand how important being able to pull from our inner resilient traits is. Now, a lot of my work is focused on teaching people how to identify, build and utilize their own inner resiliencies. My guest today is a very like-minded individual who has made his life work helping EVERYONE build their resiliency. I’m talking today with Christian Moore.

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Christian is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who has done tremendous things in the field of resiliency work. He wrote the book, “The Resilience Breakthrough: 27 Tools for Turning Adversity into Action” for adults. The book is a reference for corporate trainings, therapists working with individuals and for any adult interested in expanding their own resilient strengths. To focus on helping kids build resiliency, he founded the Why Try program which is now implemented in over 22,000 (that’s 22 THOUSAND) schools in the U.S. Christian is a busy man – he has been known to book speaking engagements over 260 days a year. For as much as he has done a lot of radio interviews, this was his first venture into the podcast world and I was thrilled to have him. The interview (as well as this article) spans from Christian’s personal story of overcoming adversity to developing the 4 resiliencies he defines in his book, to exactly what Why Try is and the benefits kids, families and schools find when they implement the program. It was my privilege and pleasure to talk to him.

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