Businesses that Lockdown Has Surprisingly Not Destroyed


In this day and age where business owners are simply dreading turning on the television in the morning to see what more restrictions are in place, there are some others who fear nothing. These are business owners who have not only been able to survive the pandemic but they are positively thriving. For some reason, these few business types have been able to buck the lockdowns and continue to work, the same as they always have. We have been exploring these types and figuring out why they are doing so well. It’s not magic, it’s just common sense!


Fast food


As you may know, fast food joints have switched to just home delivery. This is nothing new as many brands have signed up to Deliveroo, Just Eat, UberEats and more. They did this about 2-3 years ago, as main brands like McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Subway, saw the potential of these large scale delivery apps sooner than their rivals. But, why have they thrived? It’s not like people have forgotten how to cook. No, it’s because they know that fast food is safer than most restaurants might be. They usually have deep fried food and food which has been packed and sealed, from the factory to the establishment. So any germs are usually killed due to a lack of oxygen, frozen to death in the freight truck, or destroyed in the hot searing oil.

Lawn mowing


Without being able to go outside, many people have given up doing the normal things that they would take pleasure in. Things like trimming their hedges, sowing seeds in their flower patches or even mowing their lawn. That is why it’s the right time to start a mowing business from scratch and give people a service that is more valued than ever before. Especially for elderly people, who don’t want to risk it and go outside for anything, they will need a mowing service now more than ever. A mowing business is one of the most basic types of businesses, it doesn’t take much to begin with and can be done over the weekend. This is why it’s so attractive and versatile because the clientele you work with are varied and it’s easy to adapt to their needs.


Marketing firms


You need a marketing firm that can boost your business back up to where it was before the pandemic. If you’re a business owner, working with a marketing firm is a matter of life and death, figuratively speaking. A business that no longer reaches its core consumer, will perish in no time. So, the best types of marketing firms will be giving their clients, top quality content, great PPC ads, brilliant video marketing services and excellent mobile website transformations. It’s why marketing firms have been able to keep kicking, even if it’s just a slow murmur. Rather than going under, marketing businesses have actually been doing quite well. Now is not the time to be cutting your marketing budget and every single business owner in the world, knows it!


Personal trainers


Simply, one of the most amazing business types that have made it through the pandemic in flying colors. We have been putting on lockdown weight and we all have to pay for it. Our bodies are not going to handle the abuse of emotional eating and binge drinking for too long. Many of us have realized that we need to get up and stop this pattern and have reached out to any kind of fitness or gym service that we can find. But, personal trainers have been able to adapt quicker than gyms, because they can use Zoom to speak with their clients one to one, and stick to their schedule. Gyms on the other hand, have had to phone people, message them and set up classes for their niche services like yoga and aerobics. However a personal trainer can work out with you in the garden if they wear a mask and keep back 2 meters. They have the best of both worlds.





Pretty much the only true pandemic-proof business type has been the podcast. With nothing to do, people are just sitting at home and watching live streams of people having an interesting conversation. Whether they are in person or over Zoom, they are keeping their ad revenue coming in and delivering great shows.


Businesses like these are a little niche, we grant you that. But, they have proven that no matter what is going on in the world, there is always a way to keep your dreams alive as a business owner.