CMO Radio: Interview with Jeff Harry, VP of Marketing & Fun Play-Well Technologies



What happens when you mix curiosity, kids, and Lego? A sustainable marketing vision, a whole lot of fun, and the next generation of innovative engineers.


Play-Well TEKnologies launched in 1997 and began with the sole focus of drumming up interest in and imparting knowledge of engineering from a young age, inspiring kids to learn in the classroom and tinker with how things work. Today, Play-Well’s Learning Centers hold a powerful educational presence in 75 states and boast a growing student roster of over 100,000 kids per year.


Play-Well’s dedication to cultivating a fun, engaging, creative atmosphere allows kids and their parents to connect with the overarching message behind the product — “if you get a kid curious, the sky’s the limit.” According to Jeff Harry, VP of Marketing & Fun for Play-Well, this mantra is the company’s core value proposition — the why.


Start with the Why-Simon Sinek


“There’s a certain loyalty when they believe what you believe, when they have the same philosophy as you,” Harry said. “There are a lot of people that are looking for a product to sell that will blow up and be a one-time wonder, but that’s not what’s sustainable — it’s the stuff that you can get behind.”


More highlights from this week’s episode of CMO Radio include:


  • Viewing your target audience as influencers  (5:42)
  • Digging deep and understanding the “why” (10:17)
  • Creating your messaging framework (14:13)
  • Finding your people (18:03)