CMO Radio: Interview with Jennifer Dominiquini, CMO of BBVA Compass


At BBVA Compass, banking is no longer a mundane task on your day’s to-do list — it’s an experience.


BBVA Compass is a US banking subsidiary, committed to helping its customers give back to their communities and “bank on a brighter future”. The company is a faction of the Madrid-based global bank BBVA, which is also the most prominent bank in Mexico and a significant presence throughout Latin America and Europe.


The bank’s new tagline is the result of a massive rebranding effort to make banking with BBVA Compass a seamless, transparent, and trusted experience for the customer across every touch point. One focus was shaping the company voice to a “more emotional” tone in an effort to connect with customers in a more authentic way than traditional banks do.


“What we identified when we rolled out the brand was that many people saw banking as transactional and many people don’t talk about their bank in the same light as they do their favorite coffee shop or their favorite retail store or their favorite place to hang out,” said Jennifer Dominiquini, CMO of BBVA Compass. “At the end of the day, our desire as a bank is to be there with you through thick and thin from the very beginning, through every stage of your life or your company’s journey.”


Additional highlights from this week’s show:


  • From traditional bank to engaging brand (5:41)
  • Believing in your own brand (9:35)
  • Streamlining digital tools for brand banking success (15:43)
  • Collaboration across country lines (20:39)