CMO Radio: Interview with Jerome Nadel, CMO of Rambus


About the Show

Jerome brings a unique marketing perspective to his role as CMO to Rambus. With a PhD in psychology, Nadel has his focus on some factors of marketing that a lot miss very easily. He believes that marketers are doing it all wrong by jumping on board way too late, he believes that the marketer needs to be involved in the ideation phase and at the inception of the product.

Nadel believes that user experience is huge in today’s world, especially after the model that Apple brought to the world. Discover why he brought on a VP of User Experience with his team to a company involved in semiconductors.

About the Guest

Jerome Nadel is the senior vice president and chief marketing officer for Rambus. Jerome joined the company in 2012 and is responsible for helping implement Rambus’ open and collaborative culture, both internally and externally, and leading the company’s business development and marketing groups. Jerome has expertise in strategic usability and user experience and he has an extensive international business strategy and marketing.