De Boone, A Glorious One Woman Show


De Boone is the CEO of De Boone Consulting, and the mastermind behind “Social Media Success with De Boone.”

What is De Boone Consulting?

In business since 2012, De Boone Consulting provides online branding for business owners, entrepreneurs, ministries, organizations, and artists who are having trouble trying to develop their brand. Boone teaches others how to communicate and get their message out in the world. “I come in and I give them business strategies as well as social media and marketing processes. I give them the best practices to promote their products, services and events.” De Boone is a powerful and efficient one woman show!


What makes De Boone Consulting the leader in its industry? 

“Passion. A passion for selling the story. I have a passion for helping people sell and share their story. I always explain to people that there is a gap in the communication: you have to tell people who you are, what you do and how you can help them.”


What contributions have you made towards the world?

De Boone has done a lot of work in terms of leadership and volunteering her time in talent to organizations. A Board Member of the Community Healthcare Center of Connecticut, Boone recently aided a pastor who was working on promoting his ministry while simultaneously receiving a kidney transplant. Boone helped the pastor craft his message, and in doing so, also raised awareness for kidney disease.


Who has influenced you to become the woman that you are today? 

Boone is truly inspired by her maternal and paternal grandmothers, as she sees herself as a combination of the two: one a massively respected powerhouse, and the other a pure embodiment of love.


What key qualities do you look for in your team?

As Boone does a lot of leadership training, she desires people who are willing to do the best at what they do. Boone favors those who do not try and micromanage others, and stay in their area of expertise. The CEO of De Boone Consulting states that it is her job to make sure her team members have everything they need to operate at 100%.


Words of Advice from De:

 “Invest in yourself. Never stop learning. Always look to find someone to replace you: find someone who can do your job so that you can move forward. I’m always looking for that next person to come up so that I can go on to the next level. When you stop moving, you stop growing. Be open to receiving. Burnout happens really easily, so avoid that and have some fun. Enjoy life whenever you can and as often as you can.”

Social Media Success with De Boone

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Contributed by: Super Julie Braun

Interviewed/Written by: Savanna McKellar, Senior PR Agent