Does Geraldo Rivera Have a New TV Home After Fox News?


Speculation is rife that esteemed journalist Geraldo Rivera is set to embark on a new chapter in his career. According to rumors, Rivera may be joining News Nation as the anchor of a weekly show, a prospect that seems particularly appealing to him. The allure lies in the fact that he can conveniently record his segments from the comfort of his Cleveland, Ohio residence, where he has been based since 2017.  In addition News Nation has become a common landing place for people that have departed other networks and with doubtful futures elsewhere.

Recently bidding farewell to Fox News, Rivera’s departure from the network was accompanied by a farewell celebration complete with cake, balloons, and warm tributes from his colleagues. His tenure on “The Five,” where he assumed the role of a part-time panelist representing a liberal perspective in political debates with four conservative counterparts, came to an end.

Reflecting on his journey, Rivera acknowledged the role affirmative action played in launching his journalism career. He recalled how the Ford Foundation and Columbia Journalism School collaborated to promote minorities in the field, providing him with an opportunity to flourish after his work with Puerto Rican activist groups in New York.

Rivera’s time in the spotlight has been filled with noteworthy accomplishments, such as exposing abuses in New York’s mental health system during his stint in local television. This propelled him into a successful career as a national talk show host, highlighted by memorable moments like the infamous live TV spectacle of opening Al Capone’s vault, only to find it empty.

Having joined Fox News following the 2001 terrorist attacks with aspirations of being a war correspondent, Rivera has faced both challenges and camaraderie on his journey. Although he shared an amicable relationship with some colleagues, his interactions with fellow panelist Greg Gutfeld became increasingly heated and personal over time. While Rivera’s departure from “The Five” was tinged with hints of conflict, the reasons behind his exit remain somewhat enigmatic.

Looking ahead, the prospect of joining News Nation opens new doors for Rivera. It is a venture that promises flexibility and the ability to continue delivering thought-provoking commentary from the comforts of his Ohio home. As the industry awaits official confirmation, speculations about Rivera’s next career move continue to swirl, leaving fans and followers eager to witness what lies ahead for this seasoned journalist.

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