Don E. Smith, The Solutionist and Speech Wiz


Don E. Smith is the Solutionist at Don E. Smith, LLC.

Smith shows his clients how they can use communication to produce and deliver products, build lasting relationships with their clients and develop a fully engaged workforce.

Mr. Smith started coaching in 1999, he is an expert in three different areas, presentation, transformation and success. While Smith is the main employee and prime driver of his business, he works with a few associates.


What makes Don E. Smith, LLC the leader in its industry?

“Our process is a little bit different. When I look at communications, I look at it holistically. I don’t see much good in training someone to be a better speaker if they don’t have good content.” Smith notes that he uses an audience centric perspective when coaching his clients. “Our clients reach success repeatedly on their way to their ultimate goal. Some people tend to run out of steam on the way to the top.”


Don E. Smith does pro-bono coaching for Jane Doe No More. This organization’s mission is to change the way that society responds to victims of sexual violence. Smith participates in the Jane Doe No More Survivors Speak Program, training victims of sexual violence to speak publicly and to change the way that they view other people. Smith has trained over 40 speakers: men and women, young and old. Smith notes that this is a very rewarding venture for him as he is constantly coaching.


Who has influenced you to become the successful business man that you are today?

“In college, I was on track to become a DJ. I had a professor that taught me that there was a whole other side to communications, one that is much more powerful and transformational. He taught me that I can have a much greater effect on the world than just being able to promote a record. This got me into public speaking.”


What key qualities doe Don E. Smith, LLC look for in its team?

“People who have a lot of intention, people whom I can trust. People with like-minded values that can walk the talk.” Smith notes that with insights, solutions and results—change can be promoted. “Transformational power to see success as a continuous process, not an end result is a plus. Just a different mindset.”


Words of advice.

Smith notes that we need to enhance the power of communication. “Embrace communication as a major tool when developing all facets of your business. Build and deliver better products, and build lasting relationships as well as fully engaged workforces. There are currently five generations in the workforce, and they all have very specific ways in which they communicate. Nothing is more effective than face to face communication.” Smith also went on to note that businesses should be more transparent, and that this is attainable with more dialogue. “Nothing beats bringing people in and addressing them face to face, this is a big differentiator for businesses and individuals. There is no greater drive than the ability to communicate effectively. Deliver speeches with clear vision, tell stories that will drive that vision, and then hold ceremonies at the end that celebrate the fact that you’ve achieved your mission. It’s really important to build that culture.”



Don E. Smith

The Speech Wiz


Contributed by: Super Julie Braun

Interviewed/Written By: Savanna McKellar, Senior PR Agent