Emotional and Physical Well-being: The Twin Pillars of Jesse Benson’s Fit Integrated Wellness


In the multifaceted realm of mental health, the quest for holistic wellness is at the forefront of contemporary conversations. Jesse Benson, who started his career managing a gym in Vancouver in 2005 and later founded Fit Integrated Wellness, aims to address this gap. Through his work, Benson has consistently advocated for spaces that nurture not only physical but also emotional well-being, inviting a broader dialogue about the role of community in mental health.

More Than Just a Gym: Creating Safe Spaces

Fit Integrated Wellness, led by Jesse Benson, steps beyond the traditional gym setting, focusing not only on physical health but also on fostering emotional wellness and human connection. Situated in amenity gyms, these spaces are intentionally designed to encourage interaction among members, diverging from the larger, often less sociable gym environments. Modifications such as opening up office walls to promote engagement right at the entrance, and utilizing smaller studio spaces which naturally induce overlapping conversations, contribute to fostering a sense of community. The approach emphasizes inclusivity, with workouts that pair complete strangers together under the guidance of a trainer for a common goal, aiming to remove barriers often found elsewhere.

Emotional Resilience Through Physical Exercise

Benson’s approach underscores the synergy between emotional resilience and physical exercise, aligning with growing scientific insights. Fit Integrated Wellness centers facilitate both solo and paired workout experiences, fostering a supportive rather than competitive environment. Their unique “book you plus one” feature on the app enhances this ethos, allowing pairs – be it couples, friends, or family – to reserve workout slots together. This not only encourages physical fitness but also emotional bonding, making workouts a shared experience. The model prefers intimate, semi-private training, balancing personalized attention with the camaraderie of paired sessions.

The Holistic Model: A Community Endeavor

Having started as a gym manager in Vancouver, Benson has evolved his career by developing various fitness enterprises. His hallmark is community emphasis, demonstrated through initiatives like providing real-world exposure for new trainers and adapting his training academy online amid the COVID-19 outbreak. Fit Integrated Wellness, under Benson’s guidance, extends beyond a typical fitness center to provide a space where individuals can challenge their physical and emotional limits. The center supports inclusivity through offering free or donation-based classes, making fitness accessible and fostering a supportive atmosphere. This initiative continued online during the pandemic, accumulating engagement from various regions. Now, working with local charity, The Giving Truck, Benson’s establishment looks to support both physical and mental wellness while also encouraging community support.

A New Standard for Health and Wellness

As our understanding of mental and physical health matures, models like Fit Integrated Wellness highlight the potential benefits when both elements are considered together. The necessity for holistic wellness programs that address the complex interplay between mind and body is clear.

Fit Integrated Wellness suggests a direction in health and wellness, addressing both mental and physical well-being. This model invites other fitness leaders to explore their role within local communities and the lives of their clients. By utilizing tools like fitness, nutrition, multidisciplinary clinics, and community-building classes, it aims to positively influence individuals’ lives and the broader community. Through this approach, Fit Integrated Wellness not only explores the intertwined nature of mental and physical health but also encourages the industry to acknowledge its potential for fostering broader societal well-being.