Enhancing Corporate Events Effectively


Food and drink vans may be something that you’ve considered when looking to put together an event for your business, whether a product launch or corporate celebration. While you may have previously thought that the often relied-upon basic tea and coffee making facilities were fine, we’re here to tell you to reconsider. Below, we are going to reveal why barista coffee and confectionary stands are a good idea.


Sweeten the deal with a confectionary stand 

Although catering is often a bit of an afterthought in your haste to get the venue booked and the day’s agenda is planned, you’ll find it’s a lot higher on your guests’ priority lists! Plus, if you look at confectionery industry statistics, you will see just how popular sweet treats are.


Firstly, confectionary is a great way to draw people together to a particular location or attraction at an event. With a good mobile confectionary company, you can set the agenda, too. They will be able to work with you to create a bespoke package that suits your needs and goals for the day. Perhaps you’re just looking to provide confectionary to a small number of delegates for a short period of time? Alternatively, you could want branded confectionary for the duration of a day-long conference, to keep guests’ and potential new clients’ interest levels high as event unfold. 


Maybe you’re looking to re-vitalize an evening launch event that’s running late into the night with confectionary? An experienced mobile confectionary van or stall company will adapt to your brief, suggesting ideas and adeptly serving your guests for as long or short a time as you need them to.


What about coffee?

Mobile coffee stall providers can truly make a big difference when it comes to diversity in your catering options. Coffee lovers are everywhere. It’s estimated one in three of us drinks a cup every day – and that’s just on average. There are some serious java lovers out there! So when they attend an event and find sub-par instant coffee on offer, can you blame them for being disappointed? Today’s consumers have never expected more for their money. 


Instant coffee need not be the only caffeinated solution available; and that’s exactly why companies offering mobile coffee van and stall services have grown in prominence. Instead of instant coffee, event-goers are treated to high-quality, specially-sourced coffee that is made professionally by a barista. When it comes to event organization, people routinely think of providing alcoholic beverages, burger vans, ice cream vans, and specialty catering. So why should coffee be excluded? Not only that, but certain coffee companies also offer branding options so that people get event-branded coffee cups or napkins. If attendees carry their coffee cups outside of the event, you will get some free advertising too!


Let’s not ignore that coffee is a very social drink. The aromas offered up by the coffee grinder and sights of a professional barista preparing a fresh espresso or Americano are guaranteed to bring your crowd flocking. The short wait for a cup of great quality coffee and the time it takes to drink it subsequently can lead to conversation, breaking even the iciest of situations. Instant coffee simply cannot compete.