Evaluations To Make When Choosing Export Packaging


Whether you have just moved into the export market or looking to improve your export packaging, there are many things you ought to consider when preparing to ship your products. Remember that packaging is a big thing because it introduces your product, protects, preserves it, and more. Therefore choosing the right export packaging is crucial for the success of your business.

The best place to start is to liaise with export packing services, your freight forwarder, packaging supplier, or any other company with experience in packaging to ensure you have the highest safety standards for your cargo. Click here to learn more about the evaluations to make when choosing export packaging.


First and foremost, the primary reason for export packaging is to avoid damage to your cargo or products during transportation or shipping. Therefore you should consider the level of protection the packing containers offer. Containers and pallets have quickly become the industry’s standard because of the excellent cargo protection they offer.


Export packaging needs to be as plain as possible because providing details of the products such as brand names encourages theft. You also need to take precaution measures to ensure your goods cannot be tampered with during export. Containerization or using container seals makes it hard for anyone to tamper with your cargo. You can also consider using shrink wrapping and secure straps to boost the security of your shipment.

Wood packaging requirements

Note that international regulations on wood packaging standards exist to control the spread of timber disease and forest pests. So you should research the wood packaging requirements of your export country and the destination. For instance, you may require an import license to import any packaging made of wood. However, it may be a cost-effective option to consider alternative packaging like reusable plastic containers depending on your products.

Waste legislation

Many international shipping markets have waste legislation laws in place that favor environmentally friendly packaging containers. Most export markets have stringent rules on packaging waste and collection and require packaging that can be recycled or have a less environmental impact when disposed of.

Transportation mode

The transportation mode greatly influences your export packaging. For instance, goods transported by ship need more protective packaging than those transported by air.


It is not a smart idea to try and cut costs by using substandard packaging. Most standard packaging options such as pallets have become standard in the industry because they are reliable. Plus, you can buy or lease most types of export packaging, including containers and pallets. You only have to find a reliable export packaging company and if your goods require special care, opt for above-standard packaging. An excellent place to start is hiring an export packaging firm per consignment to ensure your cargo is packaged correctly, and it can turn out to be less expensive in the long run.

The bottom line

Investing in the right export packaging is only advantageous for your business’s success. Collaborating with an experienced export packaging company can ensure your cargo’s protection, safety, and security during shipping while adhering to the international packaging standards.