Fanged Deer and Icy Bicycle Tires!


By Dan Shedd


On Today’s 3 AM Egos, Sigmund Kramer (producer) Guest host Chris Kelso, and yours truly, Dan Shedd talked about a fanged deer, yes, this will probably make you never want to watch Bambi ever again. According to the Huffington Post, a Kashmir deer in Afghanistan showed up in northeast Afghanistan for the first time in 66 years! The Kashmir deer is on the endangered species list because of its habitat diminishing and because of poachers. Poachers hunt them for their scent glands. Only males have fangs which are used for battle during mating season. As if we don’t have anything more dangerous over there, now we have fanged deer to worry about. In other news, a British inventor made a new tire for bicycles out of ice. Thanks to for that crazy story.