Find New Customers With Direct Marketing Lead Strategies


New customers are hard to find; despite marketers’ best efforts, only a handful of companies meet their sales leads. Small businesses don’t have the resources to generate enough leads and compared to large businesses they can’t satisfy a huge demand. It’s a problem leading large companies to get help from sales lead companies. Leads are their business, and here’s how they can help yours.


#1 Reaching New Markets


New markets are the most valuable prize a sales company can offer you. They open new verticals and provide the sales leads your company needs to profit and grow. Your sales department feeds on appointments; a sales lead company manages leads on an ongoing basis, from cold call to appointment. One difference that lead companies like 360 Leads makes is research. They know who to target, who’s buying your service, and who makes the decisions. Research is the key to effectively reaching new markets and improving sales leads.


#2 Focused Approach


When you’re looking to find new customers, your budget is never big enough. Over half of all companies say that budget constraints are the biggest obstacle to meeting their lead targets. When you work with a sales lead company on a multi-channel lead campaign, they constantly evaluate how each channel performs. If direct mail is outstripping email, they can make your dollar go further by focusing on what works. The lifespan of email today is 2 seconds long, while direct mail has a brand recall of 75% — you might be surprised by what works and what doesn’t.


#3 Brand Switch Campaign


What better market to tap into than customers who are already with your competitors? They’re already convinced that they need the solution you offer, you just need to persuade them that yours is better than the rest. Brand switch campaigns walk a fine line, where marketers can’t go negative on the competition, but have to make their case for switching. Customers switch brands because they can get more value for their money, better service, or a better fit. Brand switch campaigns aren’t about changing how customers perceive your brand, it’s about changing their desire for a solution.


#4 Customer Win Back & Retention


Outbound marketing finds new markets, but you can’t neglect the customers you already have. The median annual customer churn rate for SaaS companies is 8%, although that’s 46% for start ups. A study from Bain & Company finds that increasing retention by 5% increases profitability by 25-95%. New customers may get all the glory in marketing, but customer retention improves your bottom line.


A sales lead company can help your retention by taking pre-emptive action before they defect to a competitor and by building a sticky relationship. Talk to a sales lead company like 360 Leads and make customer retention a priority. Data is essential to customer retention; customer behavior is predictable. If you can intervene at the right time, retention goes up.


Working with a sales lead company will revolutionize your lead game. Step up to the plate and start turning cold calls into sales with a smart lead generation campaign.