Find the Perfect Office Space


Have you recently started a new business venture? You’re working from home right now but have grown to the point that your office is taking over the whole house. There is your sign it is time to move into an actual office.

Do yourself (and your family) a favor and start looking for the perfect office space for your new business. Although working from home cuts back on costs, it can only work for so long. Especially if you need to hire employees, your home office won’t be able to cut it anymore.

So as you browse the internet to find the perfect office space in San Francisco, CA, here are four tips to help you out.

Decide on How Much Space is Needed

The first step is to figure out the size of the office you require. You want to find that happy balance of having enough space to continue to grow, but without breaking the bank and going out of business.

Factor in what your business is and the main product or service it provides. If you are more along the lines of a factory and make product, you’ll want something a bit bigger. But if you and a couple of other people work at a computer for the day, you won’t need quite as much space.

Set a Budget

Buying or renting out an office space for your growing business is an exciting time. However, it can easily through your personal finances into catastrophe. Set yourself a realistic budget that you know your business can afford without having to tap into your personal account.

Consider the Location

The location of your office can make or break a new business. If you need to grab the attention of the public, renting a space on the outskirts of town won’t help you too much. You’ll want something closer to downtown or in an area that sees a lot of public attention.

On the other hand, if you do not have a business which requires customers or clients to come to, you can sacrifice location a bit more. The location also influences the amount of rent or mortgage you’ll be paying each month too.

What is Around

Think of your employees for this one. Will your potential office space be in an area where your staff can take public transit too if they don’t have a vehicle? Are there restaurants around that they can grab lunch at or take clients to?

You want to consider the amenities that are in the area you are looking at. Although the more facilities around more than likely, the higher the price will be, you want to factor if it is worth the extra cost. You want to keep your employees happy for them to stay. Having things around for them will help.

Finding the perfect office space can be challenging but exciting. There are many factors to consider before making your decision. Finding a balance between price, keeping employees happy and bringing in clientele is a hard thing to find. However, once you get it, your business will thrive.