Follow These 5 Steps To Grow Your Business Globally


You can have great success, with your business, locally. But to have a truly successful business, you need to operate on a global scale. Follow these five steps to help make your business a global success:


  • Multilingual Websites


Set up your websites in various different languages. Have a screen, before they can access the full site, telling people to select a language. Whichever they select will take them to that version of the site. This way it’s a lot easier for people in other countries to use your website and buy services from you. A Spanish speaking person won’t find it easy to navigate a site in English so they won’t go on it. But, if it’s in Spanish, they can read everything and use it fine. Likewise, by making other versions of your site, you’re likely to appear in other countries search results online.

2. No Regional Website Restrictions

Tieing in with the multilingual websites, make sure your sites aren’t restricted regionally. Allow people over the world to access the site from their computer or mobile device. Don’t make it accessible only to certain countries. There are sites in the US that can only be viewed by people in the country. Which means people in Europe etc. can’t get on the site and see the content.

3. Allow Foreign Payments

A big part of making your business global is allowing people to pay with foreign currencies. If your business can only accept payments in dollars, then you’re never going to appeal to a global market. Companies like Baydonhill can provide international payment services to help your business go global. If you allow payments from people around the globe, you’re going to find yourself with a load more customers.

4. Research Your Logo

If you want to be successful, globally you have to have a logo that registers worldwide. Your business might have a logo that means something in America, but the rest of the world don’t understand. Certain customs and images can be offensive in other countries too. What seems like a really good logo here, can be seen as slanderous elsewhere. Do the research before you design a logo, make sure it’s non-offensive globally and makes sense worldwide. Some customers trust a business based on the way their logo looks. It might not be the most informed way to decide whether a business is trustworthy or not, but some people go with their gut feeling.

5. Overseas Communication

Make sure you stay up to date and communicate with overseas businesses. If you have different offices in different countries, you’ll need to keep them updated. Stay in constant contact with them so everyone is on the same page. You need to make sure they don’t make any huge decision on their end that could affect the company as a whole.


Expanding your business is key to sustained, greater, success.It’s important that you include all these steps in your global business plan.  If you follow the steps above, you could start to see profit increases and your business will be booming.