Getting Back Into Work After Children


You may have recently started to think about an old or new career path. Having an extended break after having children is very normal, and many people (both male and female) take a career break to focus on their family. There comes a time, however, when you feel the itch to get back on the career ladder and return to work. This can be hard when you have become accustomed to the routine of raising children, and you may worry that you will struggle to get back into the workplace. These concerns are perfectly normal, but they shouldn’t stop you from having professional accomplishments as well as being an excellent parent.

The fact is, many people think you have to choose a career or being a caregiver. The reality is that while you may have to maintain a careful juggling act, being a parent and having a successful career isn’t mutually exclusive. Knowing that you want to get back into work, and knowing where to begin are entirely different things, however. You may feel overwhelmed and nervous at the thought of going back to work. But there are ways to ease yourself back into this and get you feeling confident and empowered about your decision.


Consider going part-time


Instead of jumping back into a full-time job, consider going part-time as a way of easing yourself back into work. If you have young children, this will also mean that you can balance parenting duties with your work life. Employers are increasingly sensitive to the needs of parents. They are more likely to be understanding of your part-time position if you let them know in advance. You may find that you are happy working part-time, or you may want to gradually increase your hours, if possible, as you get more comfortable at work.


Consider alternative forms of income


Being self-employed is one option that gives you greater autonomy over your work life. You can work for yourself in many ways. Setting up your own business can be a great way to launch a product or idea that you have had. Alternatively, you can also look at how you can make money through social media or blogging. As a parent, you may find that you have an insight that you can share with other people going through similar situations. Alternatively, you can take a look at affiliate programs for beginners and see how this can allow you to earn money while being present for your children. 


Work from home


Remote working is much more common than it used to be. Working from home is proven to result in more productivity, lead to a better work/life balance, and increase overall job satisfaction. What this means for parents who want to balance childcare with a career, is that you can work from home and also be present for your children. Of course, you may have to maintain regular ‘office hours.’ Still, you will reduce the time spent on commuting and will be able to be more flexible with your schedule.