Getting Creative for Halloween


Last week we talked about maintaining great relationships with our longer-tenured customers. As Halloween gets closer, an annual tradition that perpetuates our internal culture is in our midst. Every new employee is “warned” that Halloween is a big deal around here. This warning isn’t completely unwarranted. During Halloween, each department goes all-out for our Halloween decorating competition.

Our team members start to get into the Halloween spirit early on with a little friendly trash talk, keeping their décor secrets like hidden gems, and trying to uncover what other departments’ themes are. Even before October, some extra competitive team members keep one eye on the prize, which is a half day off for the entire department.

The carefully-curated themes come to life in the form of spooky, funny, and creative DIY décor. Team members touring the other rooms in our office go on a journey to castles, jungles, tombs and mad science labs.

As the entries come in the form of videos, the departments don’t just send in scans of their room, but plan detailed plots, put on costumes, and act out their theme. After the videos are all on our Facebook page, the last stretch of the intense competition begins. Our team members reach out to hundreds of their closest friends to vote for their video.

After it’s all said and done, we have a winner with a great prize and another year of amazing creative and collaborative projects. We love this contest because it lets departments work together on a fun and creative venture. We encourage collaboration and input from everyone during our everyday work, so this is a fun way to bring our minds together and take a little break from work.



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