Got an MBA But No Job? Here’s What You Need To Do


There was a time when having an MBA used to bestow prestige on the individual possessing a degree. While that is still true up to some extent, the traditional pathway of become a ‘manager’ is no longer the norm. In this ever evolving situation, how do you cope with having a prestigious degree which no longer rolls out a red carpet in your favour?

The answer is simple. Expel your conditioning and start thinking outside the box. The true value of that education lies in your ability to put it to good use in real life scenarios. So, think how your Master’s degree in Business Administration can be put into use.Your specialization may dictate the responsibilities in your particular job, but here are a few pointers to get you started…


If your specialization was all about economics and the financial sector, your future is almost automatically set to be the brightest amongst your peers. Economics is one of the branches in real life which does not have an immediate end, similar to the food and transportation industry. The number of job openings available in this particular field is quite limitless if you think about it.

The all-time favorite position seems to be the investment banker or fund manager. As a high risk person, your job is to advise corporations or government agencies about their finances. So you would need to be well versed in the nuances of the stock market, mergers, acquisitions and raising capital among other things.

Information Technology

If you majored in information technology or computer science as your subjects, you have great chances of landing a job in the IT sector. In this era of digital electronics, companies invest heavily in information systems and computing power. The complexity of these IT systems is directly proportional to the size and scale of the company. It becomes even more relevant if the company operates on a global scale.

In these cases, you can start off as an IT manager and work your way up to a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) or an IT director. Your principal responsibilities would be to ensure that the company’s IT infrastructure is ideally setup for achieving its goals and maintaining its vision.


A business can not exist without a market. And by market it means that without a target audience. So, if you are the kind of guy who can promote a product or even an idea, you can snap up the job of a marketing manager.

As a marketing manager, your sole focus lies on outreach. Researching market share, leveraging the company’s unique selling points, gaining new customers and solidifying brand loyalty with the existing customers are some of the few things you will be handling in your new job. Sales, and in turn, your company’s profitability will follow as an obvious result, considering optimal circumstances.


Would you believe that there was once a skilled merchant who sold the oceans to a king and the air to an emperor? If you think you can convince people to shell out their hard-earned money to get a product which makes their lives easier, you have a brilliant opportunity to become a world class sales manager.

‘Sales’ is all about getting the end result; to convince a customer to buy a product. Where supply meets demand, where necessities are met with innovative products. But that’s not all. You have to make sure that your sales teams are up to the task.

An even more challenging task would be to create a market where there isn’t one. One of the great things about marketing and sales overlapping each other is the fact that you can analyze market trends and revise your sales strategies accordingly.


The bottom line is that your MBA is not useless, contrary to the rumors. You can even get your MBA online, and net a cushy job with a substantial amount of salary as well as a signing bonus while doing so. With the right mix of intellect, willpower and information you can invalidate the misconception that a manager is a damager, right in the face cynics who believe otherwise.