Bethany Schenk secured her first client within thirty days of launching her unmatched employee benefits administration firm. How she did it, and what she values most in her CEO role.

Bethany Schenk, Founder and CEO, of Web Benefits Design (WBD), a leading national employee benefits firm that offers full-service technology, administration, and communications solutions, obtained her first client, in 2001, while working from her guest bedroom using a $25-a-month AOL internet connection.

Now, a growing corporation operating with nearly 85 employees from a state-of-the-art technology building in Orlando, Fla., Schenk is involved in every aspect of the business due to her knowledge and experience in the industry and her passion for helping people.

“Employee benefits are a fundamental part of every families’ financial and emotional security,” says Bethany.

Besides the many integrated benefits administration services the company offers, including their core offerings: a customized benefits website, online enrollment, and an integrated benefits administration platform—the unique aspect of WBD is the personal relationship they form with each of their clients in order to customize their system to conform to their business practices.

The robust, innovative technology combined with the flexibility in customization and product offerings has contributed to WBD’s continuous growth and success.

Bethany and Ron Schenk, Chairman, Board of Directors, believe in taking care of their clients and their employees while continuing to innovate their technology and services to resolve the many challenges employers and employees face today.

Her journey to create an unprecedented benefits technology, communication, and administration solution, Bethany describes, “is fueled by the desire to help every employee have access to affordable, relevant benefits that help them when they need it the most.”

In fact, Web Benefits Design maintains a full staff of expert Call Center representatives in their Web Benefits Design Technology Center where clients and employees can call with benefits questions, claim problems, and for COBRA or ACA help. Employers find Web Benefits Design’s telephonic enrollment service a significant advantage for their employees who want to speak to a live representative to help them select and enroll for benefits.

While the Schenks continue their focus on sharpening their technology and ACA capabilities, they also engage in valuable relationships with many top brokerages and insurance carriers who partner with WBD in order to offer their solutions.

“Because our technology simplifies administration, employers can offer significant enhancements in the areas of voluntary benefits, wellness programs, and incentives that were previously too difficult to track or maintain,” explains Bethany.

Obamacare can create a multitude of new recording requirements for employers, and the WBD technology is sometimes the only effective method for employers to produce these reports and accurately track the benefits and costs of their workforce.

Web Benefits Design completed the ACA reporting for over 84 existing clients and 20 new clients this year alone due to the difficulties with meeting the compliance standards and reporting requirements of the IRS.

Bethany anticipates next year’s tax season will be even more challenging, “While this year was about best efforts, next year employers and consumers will be held accountable for compliance penalties. As a result, we anticipate a higher level of questions, more scrutiny, and a greater need for education and communication.”

From guest bedroom to boardroom, Bethany equates her success to her 23-years of in-depth industry knowledge and expertise and her disciplined focus to ensure every individual and department in the company is working towards common goals.

Bethany believes in the talent of her employees, “I hold a semi-monthly, motivational company-wide meeting where I highlight each department’s accomplishments and individual efforts and show how they tie into the overall company mission, progress, and membership goals.”

Bethany believes that the most important role of a CEO is that of a leader.

“Managing and harnessing the talent and contribution of every individual is really the most important part of my job. If done correctly, every individual will have the chance to shine and flourish, which will ultimately result in greater success of the company.”

As much success as Bethany has had in her professional life, her personal life is just as abundant as she enjoys spending time with her husband, Ron, and her four daughters: Cassidy, Savanna, Brandy, and Karissa. Also, Bethany and Ron’s business acumen has rubbed off on their daughters as they too own and operate a successful D.J. business around the Orlando area.

What’s next for Web Benefits Design?

Bethany reveals, “We are investing in progressive technology that allows Web Benefits Design’s platform to be the front-facing application that connects multiple external systems, behind the scenes, in order to create one, unified user experience.”










Jessica Lynn Campbell is Marketing Executive and Technical Writer for Web Benefits Design. She has a Master’s in English-Technical Communication, a Bachelor’s in Psychology, and is currently obtaining a PH.D in Texts and Technology. Jessica is an expert and experienced technical communicator, author, and multi-media manager having been published on multiple media platforms including print and online. She is skilled in APA, MLA, Chicago, and Bluebook citation styles.


Web Benefits Design is a leading national employee benefits technology firm, who develops a complete, cloud-based employee benefits platform. The Web Benefit Design’s Total Access Exchange encompasses a highly complex, efficient, and integrated technology, administration, compliance, and communication platform written on a unified codebase. Jessica can be reached at or 407-810-7542.



Bethany Schenk

Bethany Schenk