How AI Is Changing the Face of Health in the Workplace


To say that technological advancements over the last two decades have created change is an understatement. Over the past several years, nearly every aspect of society has been enriched and changed by modern science and technology advancements. Even mundane, everyday tasks like getting directions for a road trip or looking at the weather forecast have changed. Most people, especially younger generations, don’t even know how to handle a physical road map with confidence properly. 


One advantage that technology has brought society that pushed several industries forward is advancements in AI.  Over recent years advancements in AI (artificial intelligence) have created so many new and exciting opportunities. Improvements in everything from industrial production to cars that know how to drive independently have proven the importance of smart AI coding. 


One area where AI has had an incredibly good impact is the health of the workplace. AI has positively impacted the traditional workplace in meaningful ways that help alleviate burdens, reduce stress, and put workers’ health first. The field of AI is still young and getting started, showing a lot of promise. Not only does this field represent a booming market worth investing in, but it is also a way to make a real-world difference. 


Carter Reum is a founder of M13 investment firm, which believes in building up and investing in other entrepreneurs. Creating innovative and powerful networking tools that allow professionals to invest in each other, M13 sees the world of workplace AI as a bright and exciting one. 


If you have been wondering how AI could positively impact and change the face of health in the workplace, here is everything you need to know.

AI Can Help Create a More Safe Industrial WorkPlace

One area of the industry where AI has impacted workplace health is helping create safer work environments. This is especially evident in industrial fields that rely on intense manufacturing. When it comes to industrial workplaces that use machines, conveyor lines, or deal with dangerous environments, AI can bring a lot of advantages that protect workers’ health. 


AI systems can be developed to help to manufacture plants monitor machines, workloads, productivity, and potential hazards. These systems can learn to recognize abnormal conditions and report them in real-time. This could be AI that monitors for known hazards and can halt production or raise the alarm if these triggers are activated. 


Technology can also help to protect workers in hazardous environments. Monitoring external stimulants like heat or air quality can help protect workers from being in danger. When these sensors are triggered, protective protocols can go into place to get the environment back to a safe condition.


One of AI technology’s most promising qualities is that it expands the ability to be proactive rather than reactive. This can be a huge advantage for workplace safety, as AI can be programmed to notice conditions and variables that can help mitigate problems rather than simply respond to them. 

Confidence in The Work Place

One of the most significant benefits that competent safety AI can bring to the table is confidence in the workplace. It’s essential for employees to feel like they are being taken care of. Some professions simply have a greater risk than others, but all employees should be able to walk into work confidently. The change in morale that a workforce feels when cutting-edge safety precautions are in place is real. It shows that workers are considered valuable and helps them focus more clearly on the job at hand.


Safety AI in the workplace can help boost employees’ confidence to be more productive, which in the long run benefits the company. 

AI Can Impact Personal Health

Another area in which AI has significantly impacted the workforce is the growing availability of personal health tech. Devices programmed to monitor and alert people who may struggle with chronic diseases like diabetes, or heart conditions, have empowered the workplace like never before. The more advanced personal health tech becomes, the more empowered people will be to hold and maintain jobs. 


Personal health tech that uses AI can learn patterns and parameters to help keep individuals operating. This is a unique chance for people to proactively handle their personal health so they can invest in their careers how they want to!


Technology and AI are having incredibly positive impacts on the workplace. Learning how to invest in the kind of tech that can move your company forward is a great way to care for your employees’ health and the future of your company.