How Implementing Workday Financials Increase Your ROI


Whether you invested in Workday financials to stay ahead of business change or because all your competitors already have their system in place, what’s important is that you took the plunge. 


After all, long-in-the-tooth, disjointed systems and aging, wasteful processes can impede business growth, adaptability, and usableness, and that’s no good in today’s digital world. 


If you want more profits and the ability to drive strategy, you simply must have a cutting-edge, cloud-based financial management system that brings you into global modernity. 


If you don’t know, here are some top ways that implementing Workday financials increases your ROI.

What is Workday Financials?

Workday Financials is a cloud-based software system that offers organizations of all sizes real-time insight and deep finance and accounting capabilities including financial planning, analysis, and transactions.

It’s darned impressive. From a single system, you get user and administrative tools that cover talent, payroll, financials, planning, HR, analytics — and more. Solutions include revenue management, accounting, finance, consolidate and close, reporting and analytics, and revenue management. As if that weren’t enough, there’s also financial planning, expenses, procurement, and project accounting. Oh, and in addition, there’s inventory and grants management.

What’s So Good About Workday Financials?

For one thing, it does much more than manage your financial processes. It helps you achieve greater insight, tightens up financial consolidation, lessens time to close, puts in place internal control and the ability to withstand audits, and gives you global operational consistency.

What’s so cool is that the Workday system lets you handle everything from your desktop or mobile devices. From wherever you are, you can direct and get help with transaction processing, consolidation, multidimensional reporting, planning, and even compliance.

But here’s the thing: you need deployment help to optimize your investment in Workday financials.

Why Choose Mercer for Workday Financials Deployment?

If you want to make the most of your fancy schmancy new system, you’re going to need exterior help. And the fact is that, when it comes to Workday financials management experience, the consultant Mercer has more than a decade in. Mercer also has an arsenal of novel tools as well as loads of financial management expertise.


Hey, your faithful IT team is already over-burdened and lacks the Workday know-how to appropriately deploy and maintain the system. Free that department to do what it does best.

How Can Mercer Help with Workday Financials?

You want deployment done right the first time. Can you imagine relaunching? It happens, and it’s not pretty. That’s why you need a consultant that has deep Workday knowledge and expertise.

Because Workday launches must be tailored to the company to function properly, Mercer takes a holistic approach to deployment that puts your people at the center. When it does that, it can lower your operating costs, help you reach organizational and stakeholder goals, and, at length, raise your value-to-investment ratio.

In addition to getting you through implementation quicker and at lower cost, Mercer has the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. It does this by using a broad array of formidable tools that it has at the ready, as well as a host of effective and smart methodologies.

Now that you know how implementing Workday financials increases your return on investment, you can move forward knowing that you have a system in place that will transform your finances in such a way that, particularly if you go through Mercer, gives you the speed, agility, and flexibility your organization needs – and deserves. Don’t get caught flat-footed in today’s evolving business environment.