How to Find a Great Immigration Lawyer


Immigration law is a discipline where quality cannot be compromised. Many immigration lawyers are talented, hard-working, and ready to deliver you real results, but the key is finding them.


Especially amidst a global pandemic, it can be hard to meet people and find a great lawyer for your needs.


Bad immigration law can lead to overcharging and irreparable damages that can forever harm you.


It doesn’t matter what you need, you need a lawyer who can deliver quality law services for your specific situation.


You never want to brush your legal problems under the rug, you need to hire an attorney that gets you and can alleviate your situation.


We will spell out the formula for avoiding bad law specialists and hiring the best law specialists (like Kozycki Law for example, in Atlanta).


Avoid Unscrupulous Consultants

Do your research and make sure you’re hiring an actual lawyer. It sounds obvious, but you need to make sure your prospective lawyer is a real lawyer and not some fly by night visa consultant or other fancy title that means essentially nothing.


Immigration law is a complex discipline. You need to hire an attorney who has experience and understands the unique demands at play.


Many will claim that they are able to assist people throughout the immigration process, but unless they have a proven track record and are an actual lawyer, these claims mean nothing.


Learn More About The Lawyer Yourself

It’s always important to do your own research. You should be able to learn about the attorney online both through their website and through the state bar association.


Obviously, if they aren’t listed as a member of the state bar association, that’s a pretty severe red flag.


If you uncover news about the lawyer recently getting arrested, then that’s a no go as well.

Remain Dubious

An attorney won’t always be 100% honest about things, that’s just the general nature of law. Since the outcome of your case is determined by an immigration judge, there’s little chance that your attorney has delivered a 100% success rate for their clients.


Talk to Multiple Lawyers

The good news is there are tons of immigration lawyers ready to help you, the hard part is finding them.


You may have to go through several law professionals before finding a good one, and that’s okay. It’s much more important to take the time necessary to meet with them, talk to them, and learn about them as people.


Understand What Immigration Lawyers Do

To truly understand what your immigration lawyer can bring to the table, you must first identify the things that immigration lawyers actually do. It can be difficult to meet with attorneys in person these days, so your research will have to take place almost entirely over the phone or online.


Don’t be afraid to get a second opinion on your case. Immigration law cases can be complicated and nuanced. The first lawyer you speak with might not be able to give you the right information every time.


Learn about each person’s approach and see how that coincides with your specific needs. There are several online tools and calculators you can use as well, but nothing replaces the act of speaking with the individual.


Learn About Law Fees

Discover how much your prospective attorney is planning to charge you for services. This is usually a per hour cost, but there could be some additional flat fees at play as well. It should be easy to determine the amount of time required and it especially depends on what type of visa application you’re processing.


It also depends on how closely you want the lawyer to represent you. Whether you want a partial or full representation, it will greatly dictate your overall law costs.


Talk to your Network and Find a Great Immigration Lawyer Today

It never hurts to ask around and see what others have done for their immigration law needs. Talk to your network and collect recommendations from people who have had positive results. Once you’ve discovered some good candidates, speak to them and get a shortlist going.


Find the best attorney for your legal situation and get the help you need.