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Since 2001, Admiral Markets laid its foot in the global market. It is a platform that offers investment for trading Forex, Metals, Stocks, Crypto currencies. This market group is globally expanding ad there are many trading companies under them. Best customer service and support is given to the clients and the freedom to choose what they want to trade in.


The head office is in London, UK. Admiral Market UK Ltd is registered in England and Whales under company’s house. It is also authorised and regulated by FCA i.e. Financial Conduct Authority. This allows them to keep the clients money. It also has an office in Estonia which is the sister concern of Admiral Market UK Ltd. Both these companies fulfil the requirements of MiFID. MiFID is a Directive on markets in financial instruments. It regulates the markets that provide investments services wit in European Union and European economic areas. It gives the freedom to the firms to freely provide investment option with in the territory or to a third country. It also provides cross border services.


Admiral Markets provide customer support by e-mail, phone, live chats that provide help related to technical and organisational matters. The customer support is operational at business hours of the European time. Customer support is available in number of languages as per the client’s preference.



Before we talk about the products, one should know about CFD (Contract for Differences). It is a contract between the client and the broker who are exchanging the difference in the current value of shares, currency etc at the end of the contract. The various CFD’s products used for trading are –

  • FOREX – Forex or currency market is all about trading currencies. It deals with all buying, selling and exchanging of currencies at current or determined rate. Currencies from all over the world are traded.It is mainly driven by global events like employment shifts or political changes in the country. It is the largest and most liquid market in the world. For example: EUR/USD means number of USD one Euro can buy. If one speculates the Euro will increase against dollar then one can buy more Euro’s . And if the exchange rate increases then one can sell Euros back and cash in the profit. One should keep in mind that this trading can offer higher loss and profit.

The major pairs are Euro vs US dollar, Great Britain pound vs US dollar and US dollar vs Japanese Yen. Others are divided in minor and major pairs.


  • CRYPTO CURRENCIES – It is a digital currency. It uses cryptography for security because of which it is difficult to counterfeit. Hacking is just not possible. It makes transfer of funds easier between two parties in a transaction. There are different types like Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Dash, Zcash (ZEC). In Admiral Markets the popular ones are Bitcoin vs US Dollar CFD, Ether vs US Dollar CFD, Ripple vs US Dollar CFD.


  • COMMODITIES – It is trading of hundreds of barrels of oil and pounds of gold. The investment starts with 200 EUR. Typically traders invest in gold as it has the largest market. During the times of inflation, gold tends to remain stable. It can’t be devalued so it provides stability to the investment portfolio. It is not affected by changes in the stock market. It is very volatile as rate increases when availability falls short than demand.


  • INDICES – is a plural form of Index. Indices provide the best way to gauge the industry, sector or the entire countries stock market. Indices cannot be traded directly as they are not products but representations of the products. So, investors trade indices through CFD’s. The top Indice CFD are : DAX30, FTSE100, SP500, DJI30, CAC40.


  • BONDS – are referred to as fixed income securities. An investor gives loan to an entity like govt or a corporate. It is borrowing money for a specified period of time at fixed or variable interest rate. Bond CFD’s are of two types : Germany Bund Futures CFD (Bund) – It is trading on Government treasury bonds. The second one is 10 year US Note futures CFD.


  • SHARES – Trading in the most famous CFD i.e. Blue chip. Blue chips generally sell high quality and widely accepted products. Some of the popular CFD are : Share CFD’s on US Blue chip, Share CFD’s on EU blue chips and share CFD’s on UK blue chips.


To start trading, one has to open an account.

  1. Before you open the account with Admiral Markets UK Ltd, There are some important documents to be attached. If an Individual is applying then a copy of valid Id is required like passport, drivers licence etc. Proof of residence consisting of complete residential address and is not older than three months. Lastly Client agreement once the account has been approved by the trader’s room. If a legal entity is applying then documents needed are: Passport or Govt issued ID, Certification of Incorporation, A memorandum etc are the few documents needed.
  2. Make a deposit: Fill the deposit form and choose a convenient payment method. And later check your account balance.
  3. Download Meta form platform to log in and start trading.


Platforms for trading are:-

  • Meta trader 4 is used for trading forex and CFD’s and analysing the financial market. It is user friendly, secure, flexible and fast. It can be operated on IPhone , Android and Mac.
  • Similarly Meta trader 5 is for windows and can be accessed with Android smart phone, IPhone and Mac.
  • Meta trader supreme edition includes both meta trader 4 and 5. It has the most advanced tools in it to help speed up the trading process.
  • Meta trader web trader is trading done on browser from anywhere, and every time it is a safe trade. No downloading or installation is needed and it starts in seconds, one can use PC or Mac with a hassle free connection.


According to FCA, clients money or funds are available at all times and cannot be used for any other purpose. The auditors check for such arrangements. Admiral markets always keep the interest of their clients at first. A qualified and professional team always ensures that the new developments are sped up and the quality of service is up to the mark.