How to Find Right People for Your Perfect Business Team


Building the right team is crucial for the success of a small business. Business Insider states that 23% of these companies fail because they don’t have a good team. To prevent this problem you need to look for employees in the right places and advertise your positions well.

4 Tips on Where and How to Look for the Right People to Build a Perfect Business Team

1.    Advertise positions on social media

Social media marketing is extremely efficient, so it makes sense to use this medium when looking for talented employees. Use all the same marketing tools you do when promoting your business.

Paid ads can be particularly helpful in this. However, you also need to engage the ‘social’ aspect of these media. Advertise in groups popular among the targeted professionals. You should also ask your current employees as well as friends to share news of the open position through their own accounts.

2.    Use the power of networking

When trying to build a perfect team, you should use the team you already have as the number one source of prospective candidates. Even when you build a business from scratch, you can network with your friends, family, colleagues from the previous place of work, etc.

Statistic data states that about 85% of jobs are found through networking. And some of the stories that come out of it are truly inspiring. Yellowstone Capital LLC which is a renowned alternative financing company, found a customer service rep who managed to originate $47 million worth of deals within a year because the man was invited to an open position by his friend. That’s the kind of power networking holds when looking for the best person for the job.

Hiring a person who is already friendly with at least someone from the team also simplifies integration and can result in smoother teamwork. You also shouldn’t discount the fact that the candidate can get much more detailed information about your company from talking to their friends/family. Therefore, they will come prepared and with a better understand of what exactly they can achieve by working for you.

3.    Be specific about your job requirements

All your job postings must be highly detailed. If it’s not possible to write a big post due to the medium, for example when you place a social media ad, include a link to a page with a very detailed description.

The information you have to provide must not only describe the position itself and professional requirements associated with it. You also need to list general job requirements for the candidate, and be very specific about them. For example, do not write ‘needs to be good at communicating with people’. Explain exactly what kind of people the employee will need to communicate with, in what capacity, how often, etc. The more details you put into your job posting, the higher are your chances of attracting candidates that will help you build a perfect business team.

4.    Know what to look for

Look up the list of essential qualities of efficient employees, like the one offered by Inc. Think hard about which of these are important for your specific business. When you know what exactly to look for, come up with questions or tests that will allow you to determine if the candidates you consider possess those qualities.

Be picky when it comes to hiring as having a perfect business team matters for your success.