How To Get People Talking About Your Business



Word of mouth is STILL one of the most important measures of marketing you can curate. It’s the most effective. It spreads like wildfire. It allows people to trust your brand and take a different perspective on it, because being encouraged by a friend is much more powerful than being appealed to by a company.


That being said, word of mouth is often the hardest approach to artificially encourage. Why is this? Well, even if you offer discounts after asking people to retweet your brand, it’s still quite clear that this rings hollow for many. Read word of mouth is personal, it’s in the little details that are hard to replicate as a business. Furthermore, people can see when a tweet is authentically written or obviously part of a marketing ploy. Social media users are more discerning than you think.


Okay, so far, so good. But this doesn’t answer our opening question and the title of this post – how can you get people to talk about your business? Let’s consider some strategies in that direction:


Have Something To Talk About


You must have something to talk about if you wish for people to talk about it. That seems obvious, but all firms are beholden to it. For instance, it’s unlikely you’ll have a regular conversation about Coca-Cola with your friends, unless you’re ordering it at a lunch or before you see a movie. But when Coca-Cola put names on their bottles, and created new, limited-run flavors? People talked. Could your business do that? How could you deliver a new product, service, or offering that gets people excited? How can you transmit this? 


Keep Your Approach Fresh & Interesting


It’s also important to note that things can get stale quite quickly as word-of-mouth is concerned. Could it be that alongside your new pivot in direction, you begin to rebrand? This can help you offer a more complete package that will seem fresh, exciting, and challenging. It’s important to try and become more open and willing to curate the conversation, to really show customers what they’re missing, to try your hardest to refrain from the cookie-cutter measures of marketing and promotional might you may have relied upon in the past. This keeps things interesting.


Allow People To See You


Word of mouth is very rarely spread on its own. You usually need to give it the first push. That might mean running mailing lists, asking customers to open accounts that sign them up to a newsletter, or using a qualified SEO agency to help you place your products in front of people who desire them. Getting people talking about your business is more than just simply engineering, it’s about being present, able to immediately utilize that word of mouth, and to make lasting impressions that do not embarrass those who bring up the subject. This approach can truly make a huge difference going forward. Don’t decry it.


With this advice, we hope you can routinely get people talking about your business, through and through.