How to Maintain Regular Online Donors


Encouraging donors to support your cause may prove to be quite challenging. This is because different people don’t always see eye to eye and everyone is free to express their opinion or support to something that they believe in. This is one challenge, but it is even more difficult to maintain regular donors to support your cause. Fortunately, you can leverage on digital channels to do so and below are some tips on how you can maintain regular online donors.

Offer Online Giving Alternatives

You will be able to maintain regular online donors if you provide an avenue for them to periodically give out their donations. An intuitive and easy to use interface that is convenient for them to use will keep them engaged, rather than turn them away. Experts behind Aplos states that it is also important that you offer them with options in terms of how they want to go about with their donations. This is because they are most likely to continue giving if they are able to donate through their preferred payment method.

Send Personalized Thank You Messages

Be appreciative of the support that you get from your donors by sending individual and personalized thank you messages to them right after they made a donation. There are several ways on how you can go about this such as sending an email, or citing them individually when you post on social media platforms. You can also list your donors by name on your blog or create a page on your website dedicated to the donors who supported your cause.

Provide Updates on How Their Donations are Spent

When you constantly update your donors about the activities of your organization, they will most likely continue giving donations regularly. You can do this through an email blast that contains specific details on how their donations are spent. Likewise, you can also post donation details through social media platforms or update relevant information on your website. The important thing to take note of is to get specific and make your donors know the impact of their donation to the cause you are pursuing.

Collaborate With Your Donors

Finally, you will be able to maintain regular online donors if you collaborate with them. Ask them questions and respond to their inquiries as promptly as you can. Engage them by requesting their help in writing blog posts for your site. There is a great chance that the people who support your cause share the same passion that you have. You will be able to recognize this if you ask them certain questions as to why they decided to give to your cause or what sets your organization apart from other fundraising organizations.

Maintaining regular online donors may be difficult, but it is possible. You can encourage your supporters to regularly fund your cause by utilizing online payments, automatic tracking, as well as donor receipts to name a few. These digital innovations will ensure that the online donation process is simple and seamless, allowing your supporters to give their donations conveniently and effortlessly.