How to open a company in Slovenia




Many foreigners search for an EU country to open a company in. Among their choices is also Slovenia which is one of best countries to do business in if we take into account the easiness of setting up a company, especially when knowing there are no restrictions or special requirements to register a legal entity. One can also choose from several types of structures which are regulated by the Slovenian Commercial Code. Most Slovenian companies are registered as sole proprietorships and private limited liability companies, but public ones are also used.

What do you need to know before opening a Slovenian company?

Even if there are no special requirements when starting a company in Slovenia, you will need to consider a few aspects like a trade name and a business address. These must be decided before the company is registered. Also, in case you want to open a private limited liability company, you will need an initial capital of 7,500 euros. The capital can be in cash, assets or both. You will also be required to appoint a director for the company.

The steps you need to follow to register a company in Slovenia

Once you have every of the aspects mentioned above in place, you can start the registration procedure of the Slovenian company. The first step you need to complete is to deposit the share capital with a local bank which is quite easy and takes no more than one day. You will also need to get a receipt of the deposit and file it with the Trade Register.

The second step will imply having the documents of incorporation drafted and notarized. This procedure is completed with a Slovenian public notary. These documents, which are called articles of association, must then be registered with the Slovenian Office of Statistics which will forward them to the Trade Register.

The last two steps to incorporate a company in Slovenia are to register with the tax administration and the Health Institute.

A little tip on the registration of the company: it can also be done online, however there are two aspects to consider in this case: the capital, which must be in cash only, and the special form of the articles of association.

Having an up-and-running company in Slovenia

Even if the company is registered, you still need to take care of two more things before having an operational Slovenian company. Since it is expected for the company to have commercial activities, it will also need to have a VAT number, so you will need to go to the Financial Administration to obtain it. Then, if you intend to hire employees, you will also be required to have the business registered with the Pension and Disability Insurance Institute.

No matter the way you decide to register a company in Slovenia, make sure you have complied with all the legal requirements before you start.