How to Prepare for Hurricane Season: Insurance


In this interview, Brian Spitz and Kevin Price chat with Haitham Foty about being prepared for hurricane season. How can we prepare, what are our insurance options and what is Haitham’s advice. Outline
Introduction 0:00
Benchmark Insurance and Haitham Foty intro 1:31
Haitham talks about Benchmark Insurance and their specialty 1:55
Do you work primarily with residential or business? 2:50
When it comes to hurricane season, what types of policies should people be looking at? 3:05
What is the turn around for inquiries at Benchmark? 4:20
What other types of policies do you recommend? 4:32
What is the cost of insurance? What are the benefits? What happens when your assets aren’t covered? 5:00
What else should people do to make sure they are prepared for hurricane season? 6:20
Conclusion 7:30
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