How to Save Money on Life Insurance if you have Diabetes


Living with Diabetes isn’t as easy as most people think. You’re watching everything you eat, checking your blood sugar levels constantly, and seeing Dr.’s almost every 2-3 months.

But what if you are living diabetes, and want to explore life insurance options. Where do you start first? There’s lots of mis-information on the internet, where websites and insurance agents are saying life insurance with diabetes is unobtainable, or not affordable.

That is simply not true. According to , life insurance rates for the diabetes community is at an all-time low. In fact, people with diabetes have more options than ever before, when it comes to obtaining life insurance.

Over the last few years, life insurance for diabetics no longer requires medical exams.  If you are the type of person who doesn’t want to submit to a blood and urine test, then you no longer have to. Several companies are now offering no medical exam life insurance with diabetes, which means you’ll receive a decision from the life insurance company in a matter of days, compared to waiting around for 3-6 weeks.

Now that we know that people with Diabetes have options for life insurance coverage, how can we lower the premiums? Let’s read below, as we outline 3 steps to helping you find affordable life insurance with Diabetes.


  1. Follow your Doctor’s orders when it comes to Diabetes

We all know that having Diabetes is tough, and sometimes we don’t want to follow our Dr.’s instructions and treatments. However, that is the last thing you want to do if trying to obtain life insurance. Your level of control of your diabetes will play a HUGE part, into determining what options you have, and most importantly what rates will be offered.

Below are some tips and tricks to follow, to help insure you qualify for the lowest rates:

  • Watch your diet
  • Have an ideal height and weight
  • Establish some type of exercise program
  • Visit an Endocrinologist ( a Dr. that specializes in Diabetes treatment)
  • Be compliant with medications by your Endocrinologist
  • Check your blood sugar multiple times daily
  • Use Diabetes related technology such as CGM device or insulin pump
  • Perform any type of procedure or testing a Doctor recommends
  • Read Diabetes related magazines ( some companies offer discounts for this)


A life insurance company will want to know that a person who has diabetes is Intune with their body and doing everything possible to live a healthy lifestyle. The more healthy activities a person performs, the more healthy credits they can expect to receive when they apply for life insurance.



  1. Work with an Agency or Agent who ONLY works with the Diabetes community

If you needed to have some tests done on your heart, would you visit a Cardiologist or a general practitioner? Most people would choose to work with a specialist, who only focuses on one area of the body. That’s something you would want to do when searching for life insurance if you have Diabetes.

Never, ever, work with a group who specializes in multiple impaired risks. You want to work with groups who ONLY work with people who have diabetes. Why? Because they are specialists, and have access to products that other agencies do not. Not to mention, they are only working with the diabetes community every day, and have specific solutions and recommendations, for people living with this chronic disease.

A diabetes life insurance specialist will be able to recommend specific life insurance companies, who fit your health profile. They will tell you which companies are most competitive, and will assist thru the life insurance process. Meaning they’ll handle the application process, provide updates, and stay in touch while an applicant applies. Most importantly they’ll be able to ‘shop’ your profile past several life insurance companies, and provide multiple offers for you to consider.

There would be no need for multiple examinations, multiple applications, or anything of this nature. Generally one initial application is all it takes to begin the process, and for a Diabetes life insurance specialist to obtain various offers.




  1. Stop using tobacco products

Using tobacco products is a nasty habit to begin with. Not to mention that companies will add almost 30% to your premium. Life insurance companies view people with diabetes who use tobacco products to be a much higher risk, then a diabetic who doesn’t use tobacco. Thus, you’ll pay a lot higher premium.

Good news is, once you’ve gone 12 months without using Tobacco products, you would be viewed as a non-tobacco user. Many people who take out policies under the tobacco user rating, can eventually be rated as a non-tobacco user. Generally most companies may simply want a urine test, to make sure there’s no nicotine in your system. If that’s the case, then your premium can be lowered.

So if you are a current tobacco user, work to ‘kick’ this bad habit, and save some money in the process. This may be a good motivational tool, to help you finally get away from Nicotine.


Bottom Line

Getting life insurance with Diabetes is probably easier than you think, and probably more affordable then you imagine. To begin the process of obtaining life insurance quotes from an agent, simply reach out, and provide them with your pertinent information. From there, they can assist. Don’t put off this valuable coverage any longer.